Monday, December 31, 2012

Trying to hold on...

Sometimes I feel as if I slipping beyond
the confines of this world
Trying so hard to keep a foot hold
in the matrix both young and old.
As time runs out.... what more can
I do to hold this space..

Did you know me…am I a part of the devil’s clan?
Who am I really.. Dare I say it…
am I the light… the truth, the key
Did I give you all I can?

Was I there for you to untie the fetters that bind
Did I bear the burden… impart the knowledge
releasing you from the karmic prison of your mind
Did you really understand…how much did you know
Of the “HIDDEN ONE’s” plan?

The light consumes me …rescues me…pushes me to evolve.
love’s calling me home again.. reaching out to all
desperately trying to hold on …Can you hear me still…?

I’m disappearing beyond all illusory perceptions…
Tearing down everything that brought me here
leaving behind the trail….
doing everything I can to help humanity prevail

My feeble attempts to include those that I know
are slipping outside my control
As I integrate the pieces of my soul back into it’s whole.

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