Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am an A.C.O.D.E. First Class

So many of you that have known me for years are probably wondering who is this woman?!@#.... She is nothing like the girl I once knew...her transformation is so radical. Those that haven't known me as long have no idea what that could possibly mean because the person they the one you are wondering about. Funny isn't time and understanding can transform a person. I myself am very busy enjoying the ride...It is not so much a matter of being so radically different as it is a matter of remembering who I really own individual expression of the source of all things... 

As I was having the following dear friend decided to share this below...Now even though I am well aware of what she shared the timing in which she presented me with the very same well FUNNY.  We all download from the same source.  I have said it time and time again but I love seeing it confirmed.

I haven't spent much time speaking of my starseed origins because the purpose of sharing my story is to have you all understand my humanity first.  Most people trust me instantly, they confide in me, on some level they just know they can.  To tell them it's my energy or they can perceive my aura is probably beyond what they think of.  To tell them that I see ghosts and I help them on a regular basis find their way back into the light, might just blow their mind.  It is not that I am ashamed of these things, but I do understand how difficult it is to accept what I say.

My abilities continue to unfold the more my consciousness does.  Hidden between these posts, is a story of an "invisible heart"  It is an allegory...of sorts but it is not that far from the truth.  It is presented as a story so those that are not ready for the concepts will simply see fiction yet there are real life situations in it, it is the story of my life.

I do not hide who I am, if you were to ask me I would tell you my real home is in the Arcturus system but I spent many years on Sirius system as well.  I trained myself to help prepare for the influx of starseed "indigo and crystal " children.  I have mixed origins, two very strong bloodlines that give me what I liked to think of as "evolutionary upgrades".

To tell someone I see right through you, even that which you hide may feel a bit invasive to those that haven't developed the ability yet.  I have healing abilities, heal and improve the  "incurable", fertility gifts lets just say I am much cheaper than in-vitro,  I am an empath, pre-cog, clairauditent, clairsentient...I speed read while researching things almost like a computer,  I retain things in less time that it would take most. There many other things....that are beyond your current concepts.  

My job below is a very important one, you could call me the BIG GUNS of  this new age movement.  It is my job to present you all with what I call "shock value" present you all with ideas that are so far beyond your current understanding of the world at large that it can't help but shattered the illusion of your current perceived reality.  I am a soldier, a system breaker, I fix what is broken...I help you grow...I challenge you all to think outside the box just by being around you.  I activate your DNA, so that you begin to ask questions that you wouldn't have before...  but my most important job is the one below....

"Adult Children of Dysfunctional Earthlings (A.C. O. D. E)  may not sound like a job category,but it is—and you are all in it. Some members of the mission, however, are especially gifted in the art of reawakening and are experts in assisting other recovering Earthlings to do the same. They are called ACODE First Class, and they are experts in the field of owning up to their true magnificence. This advance guard of ACODE is noted for demonstrating dramatic changes in consciousness at very rapid rates. You will know you are among them if the picture on your driver’s license begins to look like it was taken during a past life reading or like a photo someone snapped at a masquerade party you don’t recall attending.

Members of ACODE are also extremely adept at the “cosmic-quick-weight-loss diet.” Although their physical bodies may or may not reflect the effectiveness of this program, their auras always do. The first and only step in this program is to stop hiding.  ACODE members have the ability to do so overnight—and wake up laughing about their social security numbers, their mortgages and especially their alleged careers. They have the singular ability to burst into their full presence and assume their sovereignty without even giving their friends and colleagues two weeks’ notice.  As a result of this skill, they are indispensable in blowing apart the dysfunctional games of everyone else around them.

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Earthlings is the front line of Mission Control’s Planet Renewal Project, and their support groups are the heavy artillery of human liberation."

[excerpt from ET101 manual]

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