Sunday, December 30, 2012


It is necessary to struggle with God. Every human being at some point in their lives is faced with tragedy, it might be the death of a son, an unproven accusation, a sickness that has left one lame forever.

It is at this moment that God challenges us to confront him and God asks “ why do you cling to such a short existence that is so filled with suffering? What is the meaning of your struggle?” Now the man that does not know how to answer this will simply resign himself to his fate.

However there are others who have always sought meaning to their existence, that feel that God was unfair and challenges his own destiny. It is at this moment that a fire begins to burn in their heart and sets ablaze to all their false programming and leaves each human being with only his or her truth.  A coward will fear this fire because all they really desire is for life to go on as it was before.

The brave however set fire to all that is old, even at the cost of great internal suffering, abandon everything, including their idea of what they thought God is and continue onward. It is at this point that God smiles for this is when he imparts his greatest gift: the understanding that we have capacity to choose and determine our own fate.

Only those men and women with the fire blazing in their heart have the courage to confront God and they alone know the path back to his love for they finally understand that the tragedy was not a punishment, it was their path to accession. It is in the abyss of the unavoidable, that we are shown that man MUST choose and NOT ACCEPT their destiny.

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