Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The many journeys of the soul....

The idea that we plan our lives ahead of time was first introduced to me unknowingly by my best friend.  You see I was transported beyond time and space and came to a place where I was to help plan a new life. I gathered people I knew including the mother to be, her mother, her brother, the grown child not the baby, my other best friend, her mother and we all planned her life.  We wore white robes; we reviewed her life and tested out scenarios on what appeared to be a sort of screen.

At the time the mother to be had no idea she would have a child, no one did, I think I was the only one who remembered the plan.  Myself and the unborn child.  I knew from that point forward she was coming into this world.  I tried to tell my friend, but unfortunately my abilities were still something that frightened her and she preferred not to know.  So I honored her wishes and kept quite giving her little clues but never out right spilling the beans…“hey pretty soon you are going to have a baby.”

6 months later very much to her /surprise, she told me and I of course already knew and told her so.  After the “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”…and the “I TRIED!?“ the laughter was over; I settled in to my every day and never gave that memory much thought.  The only thing I knew for sure is that I shared a bond with that child because from that point forward I could communicate with her before she was born.  It was uncanny the way I always knew what she wanted, and would sometimes even surprise her mother. 

It wasn’t until years later that I picked up my own Kryon books that the idea was again reinforced.  The parables he wrote, snuck right into my heart, carrying forth an energy that served to jar something inside me.  You could say at the time I was busy playing the blame game and patting myself on the back for overcoming everything that had happened to me.  You could say I had repressed anger and resentment that
I managed to bury deep inside my subconscious.  The parables and the ideas he presented managed to bring those things to the surface and cause me to re-examine my life and bring forth and understanding I never had before.  With that came the power of forgiveness and a release from the self imposed emotional prison
I had placed myself in.

It would be many years later, last week to be exact, that I would read a Dolores Cannon book that I would once again be reminded of the bigger picture.   Here it is folks, this life is nothing but an illusion, a test, an advancement of your soul and understanding beyond what you have been taught.  We choose the characters and the roles they play in your life.  EVERY last one to include, abusive family members, drug addictions, murder, illness and any other horrible thing you can possibly think of.  Many of these people play their part so well; we develop resentment, hatred, animosity because we truly believe that what is happening to us is real.  It is not.  Every last test that we go through is planned.  There are many variables only in the sense that we have free will.  We can choose to accept the challenges and reach beyond our emotions and come to an understanding, essentially master the lesson set before us..OR NOT.  We have an eternity to do this and so those of you who loose your way, will be born over and over again into the same situations that only get harder and harder until you learn from them.

Every thing serves a purpose, it is not a matter of Good or Evil, it is a matter of spiritual advancement.  How long one person takes to over come sorrow, helplessness, feeling stuck, feeling sorry for themselves, playing the victim is really up to them.  Imagine if you could only accept what I am saying is true, how much easier you could shake off the things that are buried in your subconscious….How much easier it is to reach a level of mastery and understanding, how quickly we can raise our own vibration beyond this imaginary duality.

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