Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My name and what it means to me....

I often get asked what is the significance of your name “ THE HIDDEN ONE” are you saying that you are reincarnated versions of ….. whoever, what are you doing here now, are you saying you are those other references you recently pointed out….who are you and what are you trying to accomplish now…

To that I have only one answer, I am not claiming to be anything but myself, my past lives and what I learned from them only serve one purpose.  They help me to relate to all cultures, religious views and ages.  The wisdom it gave me is something that I get to carry with me everywhere I go.  I do not study psychology/life problem solving books, I simply speak from a place of INNER KNOWING, it comes from my heart.  My wisdom is my badge of honor, one that I earned many years beyond your perception of time and space.

Through out history many masters have come to try to teach and help advance the humanity and each time these beings were deified.  There are legends of goddesses, and myths…found in all cultures.  Their abilities of course worshiped by those people that had yet to understand why they came or what their purpose was.  They disappear as they always do leaving behind a legacy that is eventually distorted misunderstood or only partially grasped.

To me my name THE HIDDEN ONE has a special meaning…you see to be hidden in plain sight, accessible to all who seek me, yet never outwardly flaunting or flashing about is something that is very important to me.  It is not my job to force my views on others, the only thing I can do is STAND FIRM in my truth and let all those that are ready, find/see me.  

Those that are a match to my own vibration will relate to what I say and those that are not…simply will fall away.  I will be “HIDDEN” from their sight because like many things in this world ….the only way to see, hear and understand things that expand beyond what is considered “normal” or “average” would be to expand their own awareness to match what one seeks. 

What you see, hear or understand really depends on your own ability to perceive what is really there. ….Only then can people see  what is “ HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT”…

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