Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The missing wallet…

I used to work in a place where you needed a key card to get into a garage and the building I worked in.  I would keep mine in my wallet so that I would always have it.  Often times I would forget my purse somewhere but generally never forget my wallet.  That morning as usual the garage stays open in the morning so as not to let traffic back up.  The pass thing was something I used more so at lunch time when the gate was down.

So the day I couldn’t find my wallet in my purse, it didn’t surprise me.  I must have left it in my car no big deal.  I run back through the building down to the garage and to my car.  I search high and low every seat under the seat next to the car every where NOTHING!  So I think ok I left it at home?  I decide at lunch time to go home.

I drive all the way back to Bethesda, get home search high and low and NOTHING.  I checked everywhere even the freezer!  Can you imagine under beds, a myriad of purses, in closets I mean if it existed I looked.
Losing a wallet wouldn’t be such a big deal, everything can be replaced.  The problem was I was having surgery the next day and the only thing I needed was ID. 

I called the hospital and they said good luck I hope you find it otherwise we will have to post pone the procedure.  MAN!! So I sit down on my couch, exasperated not knowing what else to do. I made every call asked if they had seen it and no one had turned it in either. I let out a deep sigh, held my head between my hands…

When it happened.  As naturally as if I had done it countless times before. “I called all angels, every single last one …from corner to corner, seraphim… cherubim archangels and all …and I said.. I need you to find this wallet, I need it now, make it turn up and I don’t care how”  Funny never don’t it before…after I did it I thought what a silly little thing to do. Smiled to myself  thinking how ridiculous the image of legions of angels at my beck and call...shaking head. Must have been really desperate to try that! I had completely lost all hope and walked down to my car to drive back to work.

It was then that I opened the door, and there it was right on the driver’s seat.  Plain as day,  if it had been a snake it would have bitten me!!  WOW I thought, you guys really did come through!!!!  There is no way it was there the whole time. Because that would mean that I would have sat on it when I started to drive, not to mention the way I tore the car apart in the garage before driving home.

The whole time I couldn’t help but smile, the realization hit me all at once. I had the ability to call angels and they could do things that I couldn’t yet…. I  have no idea why, if it is specifically something only I can do?   What possessed me in that moment to do what I did when I had never done that before.  Or is it something that everybody can do and not know it yet? :O) 

Just think of the possibilities….in loving service to all …THE HIDDEN ONE.  NAMASTE

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  1. I share my life with you guys...I want you all to know that I was not born "awake" It was a process that I discoverd bit by bit...until all of sudden everything my entire life suddenly made sense... Even know I dont aways know what is next...but I am enjoying the ride...