Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Invisible Heart…..(Series Pt 1)

There was once a beautiful Androgynous being that walked among all people completely invisible to them.  She simply enjoyed her naked soul, unencumbered by a physical body.   She was remarkably beautiful, emitting light so amazing and so brilliant, colors so rich, so bright that containing them in a physical body caused her emotional pain.  Her energy was predominately feminine however she carried a piece of masculine energy so strong and powerful that only that little bit of it was enough to keep her in almost perfect balance. This is what gave her that androgynous quality that only such an advanced soul could evolve to over time.  But it isn’t until these beings find their counter part, the mirror image of themselves that they grow beyond this state.  For all beings in the universe never stop growing and evolving, so naturally this was a major step.

She had earned the privilege of walking among the people of earth unseen and with a simple yet gentle sweep of her hand she could transform the pain they had into love. She smiled as she reached  into their core of their beings, taking on an understanding that caused her pain as well and would gently wiped each and every tear away.  She belonged to a very unique type of  higher being that had evolved over time and due to their compassionate nature stayed near enough to help behind the scenes.  She was known in her world as an ELDER. She wore white flowing hooded robes when necessary to help those who were blinded by light she emitted when near her.  There were many beings like her, the robes varied in color each representing a different part of the galaxy they belong to.

She would often step down from her home and walked among the people completely unseen.  Her vibration so ridiculously high that her beauty could not be appreciated by the naked 3d eye.  She would be able to see everyone exactly as they were.  From her point of view she could see every last scar and badge of honor that people had attained through the trials and errors of  life. Having walked the path before them she understood poverty, wealth, persecution, racism, slavery, separation, loneliness, violence, illness and grief.  She understood almost every emotion on this plane except for one….the highs and lows of Love. 

She had attained such completion in her own trials that she had become love in its as purest form, the idea that you could fall in love on this plane and expand even more than she had already had was beyond her.  So few had attained her level of mastery that came with having billions upon billions of incarnations in the galaxy.  She lived among arch angels, ascended masters and beyond.  All beings that were like her had both masculine and feminine qualities in perfect or near perfect balance and had attained their own androgynous quality.  They were all so similar that any relationship that they had on their own plane was not constrictive, no such thing as jealousy, no pretensions, nothing but pure unconditional love. Separating from each other was so easy as they moved in and out of all planes of existence because each and every being felt whole and complete. Although some were able to find their mirror image and move beyond  them they never worried how long this would take because they each carried a piece of each other and they knew they were never really separated from one another.

She was so used to being helpful yet completely unseen that the idea of putting on a physical body made her so anxious and clearly stressed.  ‘But lord father, I don’t see how I can do anymore than I already do from here.  Why? when I am so utterly happy here do you ask me to come down to that plane where everybody can see me. How many times before have I come to this plane, and been misunderstood. Each time being turned into god or goddess.  Never once did those people understand that I was teaching all that was possible in themselves.  It happened to all of us that have come and gone.  I love being HIDDEN a body would not allow for that’ 

“To which her father responded, my baby girl, long ago I created a perfect world, that time and free will have caused their own downfall.  I have never nor will I ever punish them for they know not what they do.  They simply strayed so far from their own light that they stumble around in darkness.  You need to return, to help all those like you that got trapped down on that plane.  Those very same people that you find are your family, they are your brothers and sisters that need help.  You will not be alone.  You will have help for I have called all of my creations that have passed beyond the dualistic plane to help you.  Along the way I will send a few just like you.  Unfortunately I can not send them all because they now have to do the job you do, for you and all the other volunteers.  They will need to be there to remind you all every step of the way that you all  are not alone.  Very few will be able to perceive them the way you do.  You will go into this world with many abilities that others will not have but they will lay dormant until you achieve the level of mastery to have them awakened. To remind you of your connection to them I will give you one ability that will evolve over time, you will retain your empathic connection so that you may never forget that even the lowest vibration is connected to you. As you already know power without spiritual evolution would only cause more damage.  You will retain only that which is necessary to do your job.  My daughter I am only sending those whom I know, can do this.  You will always have access to me and all others.  You will hear us even when no one else can and you can come and go as you please.  Humans do what they call sleep, and you can take that time to go anywhere.  There will be times that you will help wayward souls return to the light, other times you will come and go past present and future or even return home when you want to.  You have no restrictions other than that which you yourself will perceive.  My darling, one other thing”   ‘yes  father.?’ 

You have one last step you must master.  “Although you will be given many trials I have no doubt you will laugh your way through life.”  ‘In that case what is it father?’

“You must experience the depth and emotion a human being feels when they fall in love on the 3d earthly plane”  ‘WHAT!!!!? You mean feel all those highs and lows, the insanity they assume as they try to figure their way around…attempting to control and manipulate each other, acting out of their insecurities while they seek the love they should have in themselves first?! How silly they can be each seeking completion in each other when they all they really have to do is acknowledge their own’  

“Yes, you lack the compassion that comes from having that experience.  I will leave you in tact, you will know that you are complete, you will have a strong sense of independence, you will retain both qualities masculine and feminine and you will help all by teaching them what they need to attain this mastery.  But the only way for you to evolve will be to take a leap of faith and fall in love yourself.  Choose wisely and never ever settle for anyone that is not like you or those in your wake will suffer.  For you can not and will not provide that which they seek because you will know they must find it in themselves first.  They may overwhelm you at times, without understanding why they are drawn to this energy. Your ability to stay detached will be something they will have trouble with and they will seek you until you run in the opposite direction.  So I will give you a gift this box that you can use as you need to protect your heart. This will be your gift, “an invisible heart.”  From time to time you will be able to take it out of its protection but once you throw the box out, you can never regain it again.  You can choose to use it now and take it with you or you can keep it and if things get to hard you can use it for as long as you need.  But know this failure to take this chance will leave the only missing link you have before returning to us in the light. Along the way you will find others like you but you will remain invisible to each other until you all throw the boxes away”…

And so these beings lined up, naming themselves and selecting their time of birth knowing they had to find each other.  Some elected to incarnate with invisible hearts and others wore them out proudly like peacocks.  As promised people were drawn to them from far and near, feeling their energy on some level.  These people opened their hearts to this beings, trusting them with their darkest secrets, their fears, their worries.  Even though they never had to speak them aloud, because these beings could still see people exactly as they are.  You could never lie to this type of being because they saw right through it.  They saw their scars and felt their silent and verbal cries for help in their hearts and souls.  Their burden was heavy, many instantly threw the boxes around their hearts while ironically many of their counterparts, the mirror images of one  another did not….

Their 3d physical appearance was generally admired by many.  They all shared one quality, deep set knowing eyes.  They sought connections to each other through these eyes for they understood that this was the only way to recognize each other.   Many choose not to be anything other than average because they knew that it was their own energy that would shine above and beyond their outward appearance that really counted.  Although many found them attractive or personable this was not the quality they wanted to be known for.  The ones that choose not to place their hearts in their boxes were personable, popular and made friends far and wide easily.   The ones that chose to enclose their hearts had a harder time adjusting, they were still noticed by many but they never wanted the attention.  Because an invisible heart feels suffocated by those that have not yet mastered the lessons they have set before them.  Many who have invisible hearts were openly stared at often being intimidating to those not yet brave enough to approach them.  Others felt so over whelmed by their energy that they didn’t care and would simply do anything and everything to be in their presence.

In either case they came incarnating into this world, each imparting their wisdom, sharing their light and knowledge, helping all who got stuck along the path they traveled. The invisible hearts feeling very little and enjoying life without any major upsets in love relationships, while their counterparts gave of themselves completely uninhibited wearing their hearts on their sleeves getting hurt time and time again by those that were not at their level.  They sought extreme physical beauty because they were so used to the beauty of their own souls.  It never occured to them that real beauty comes from within.  They each simply  longed to find one another and made attempts to connect with all beings but it never seemed to work out in the end.  Because these magnificent souls must find each other, no one else fits as perfect as they do to one another. Some settle some do not.  Some fear commitment without love others simply fear getting hurt the way they have hurt so many before.  Never understanding that this is not their karma to repay, they are divinely protected and must trust their open hearts to guide them.


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  1. As many starseeds begin to emerge from the self-imposed slumber, they will begin to have memories of their home. They might remember who they are, what their home was like or why they are here.

    Many of us are playing the role of a life time. Some of us have never been on earth and are coming directly from the source, others have had many life times both here and other places in the universe. There are others like myself that not only mastered this planet and all its lessons but countless others.

    I read somewhere that many of us were given a manual to help us relate to the people of this planet. What we don’t realize is that we never bothered to read the stupid thing! We have done this before for countless other civilizations over millions and millions of years. We made the assumption that our experience would clearly out-do this primitive place and that this task would be like all the others a piece of cake! Believe me when I say, we were warned and we chose to ignore it. You could say it sounds like a parent child relationship doesn’t it…. ? We try to tell them and they assume they know better …until they realize they don’t! (Smile)

    We were sent here, to help break systems. Expand awareness, introduce new healing techniques, teach a better understanding of their history, help them break the karmic cycles, work with the planet and heal it, others hold the space in other dimensions so that we can eventually find our way through. There are others whose only job is to be happy, nothing else…bring their high frequency vibrations into everything they do, they are placed in hospitals, schools and various jobs all with the sole purpose of raising the vibration and energy of the people they surround. There are so many roles including my own, ACODE First Class.

    The "invisible heart series" is a story written to remind us that no matter what we signed up to do, this is still a learning process for us all. We are still meant to master our own lessons and grow as much as these broken earthlings are. Never forget that we are enriched by every experience we master and when they grow so do we. We are all ONE, NAMASTE THE HIDDEN ONE.