Monday, December 31, 2012

Downloading from the source....The Reintegration

I have no idea why I am being given this information. For example the latest tidbit “idea” included hundreds upon hundreds of creation myths of civilizations that you all know and don’t know. To understand where I am coming from I mean to say that as I try to sleep, thousands about thousands of information bits/data are being placed into my mind and when I do not write it down or start to some way of getting out of my head they begin to overload my mind. Even as I write now I can sense at least 5 different concepts coming at me at the same time.  (Like being in a room and trying to follow a conversation where everyone is speaking at once)  It is not easy to describe because it is not an actual voice that I hear, everything is given telepathically.

The only way to alleviate this feeling is to start writing and getting it out as much as I can. Most times I type out of order and recreate the finish product after I am done “downloading” for lack of a better word. The problem is I can’t type fast enough; get it out nor can I possibly share it all because of the speed at which it comes to me and is processed. I feel somewhat like a computer taking it all in, then decided how best to report my findings without overwhelming you all with all the details. I do my best to present things in simplistic language but there are those among me, people who have become my peers who can see the idea and it explain it in terminology that is beyond most.

It is very difficult to introduce new ideas to the general population such as the idea of dimensions.  It is something that is so radically different and not widely accepted.   To tell you all that you all that you are multidimensional beings comes as a shock to most. Yet it doesn’t make it any less true.

To tell you all that I can bi-locate and so can my daughter usually gets me a ton of blank stares. And yet my sister in law and her daughter have sensed my presence on numerous occasions. I can see and sense my daughter and many others in multiple locations at once which gives me the ability to “hear them” regardless of where they are physically. These concepts are very difficult to explain because many of you do not believe they are possible yet most of my family and many others can do it.

These ideas that I share are very difficult to present because I am using a very primitive form of communication to present ideas that are not considered part of our "normal reality". I try to use pictures, symbolic examples of things you all can relate to just to try to simplify things that make perfect sense in my world. Bear with me as I do my best to try to integrate these new concepts in your world.

Kryon channeling.....listen to him for a while I hope..he helps


  1. Does your daughter know about her abilities as well?

    1. Yes she does, she can bi-locate, astral travel, she is an empath as well. She is able to see clearly that which I can hear clearly. Which means she has stronger clairvoyance..than I have. She can hear however sometimes but I suppose it is not as evolved as my own clairaudience abilities. She has her own strengths and how they will continue to evolve will depend on her own quest for her truth.

  2. What I have come to realize is that both sides of my family both my fathers and my mothers side share very unique advanced spiritual gifts...many deny their gifts as they fear who they are and therefore their suffering is a reflection of their denial. Others sleep still and have not awakened yet. But these gifts are not unique to my family, the more I uncover who I am the more people I attract who are just like me....each contributing unique gifts or similar humanity as a whole..