Saturday, December 29, 2012

planting seeds....

The concepts that I share are not easily accepted by those stuck in an old energy, those that feel the need to discredit every physical ounce of proof and stick to the myths that were originally created to help them advance. Their true meaning lost over time and although only some information is there...the time to expand our awareness beyond what we have been taught is NOW.

I along with many others serve as a teacher, as guides, we are the ones who will help all who are ready to make this transition into the new golden age /new world. We plant seeds, and truly enjoy watching them grow into their own source of truth. My intention is not to have followers, or believers or whatever else people do but rather...expand their awareness to the point that they too must begin their own search for the truth. They too must go out and seek and find out who they really are and awaken to their real purpose in life. Lovingly at your service... "THE HIDDEN ONE"

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