Thursday, August 23, 2012

Being "AWAKE" what does that mean??

Being " AWAKE" what a funny sounding term yet hundreds of thousands of people claim to be it and say you are not...have you noticed that?  Being "awake" is not only about being in the "know " of all the "conspiracy theories" out there.  It is not only about knowing that aliens exist, medical coverups, federal reserve banks or who the Rothschild's are.  It isn't even about knowing that there is no such thing as American independence and that you are still owned by the British crown in an excellent modernized feudal system. Nor is it only about knowing your ancient history and realizing how much religion has been used against you instead of for you.  It isn't about knowing who the cabal is, 33rd degree Masons are or what the Illuminati do. 
 NO!!!! being "awake" is much deeper than that and most people out there claiming to be "Awake" because they think they know that Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were ET'S or didn't exist at all or perhaps they were created by the VATICAN to enslave you ...don't realize that.  See knowing or thinking you know what is going on is only half the battle.  Because even though I agree that you cant know where you are going if you don't know what your history is and how it is used against you, there is something bigger at stake here folks!!
You want to know the difference between these great big evil "mass controlling Elite" and ourselves????....oh it is so simple... THEY KNOW HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. They know the fundamental laws that always work and use them to their advantage.  They probably even realized that one day you would "awaken" and start to question these things.  One day you would search and become and expert on how their manipulation works and be outraged.  Honestly they didn't really hide it that much in fact many of these "SO CALLED LEAKS" are more than likely planned.
Why you ask? that is simple because if you understood the laws of the would know that all that attention and negative emotion you all place on "being in the know"  will only serve to extend their power over you.  So while you are feeding on "false light agendas" and waiting for saviors, and complaining about how others do not know half as much as you do .... YOU ARE ONLY GROWING MORE OF THIS REALITY!!! and boy do you all do that well....serve the people you all most despise!
So here is the is something you all should consider... It is time is time to stop feeding their agenda...and develop ourselves ....I often wonder how it is that we are supposed to change the world if we do not even take the time to realize how it works? Stop waiting for a savior and develop your own knowledge.  I do not mean what you have already discovered either,  I mean develop an understanding of the fundamental universal laws.   Discover what it is that they have over you and use THAT to change the world.  It is time to develop your understanding of what is meant by frequency, vibration.  We need to realize that every time we say  " I hate this" "or this sucks" "or what can I do I am stuck in the system anyway" "INSERT COMPLAINT OR NEGATIVE EMOTION HERE" we simply create more of this.  Know that there are 11 universal laws that work without fail and understand how you create your own reality and become your own savior, create the reality we long for, heaven on earth and stop giving your power away.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I first realized who I really was, where I came from and why all of sudden everything UNEXPLAINED suddenly…MADE SENSE!!!!! The first thing I did was explain this to someone I consider very special. Someone that has not awakened yet however is known for his open mind. His reaction “ yes you have special abilities, yes you are different that is for sure but ALIEN ORIGINS, I don’t know about that…. you are just a higher being more evolved somehow?” that was the gist of his comment and I smiled and left it alone. For I knew right then, that he was not awake and I used to think just like him. Something to the tune of, “I am different, I can do things others can’t right now…and man STARSEEDS are cool, I wish I was one too!”

But I digress, my message is simple and to the point today, with the mainstream media blasting us every day with people claiming alien abductions, visitations, UFO sightings, military finally releasing secrets and NASA astronauts finally admitting we are not alone…I can honestly say we are making progress towards full disclosure. The more you all become bombarded with images the more comfortable you become with the idea…”that we are not alone” I want you all to know that this is planned…and this is their way of not shocking and terrifying the public.

Now that said, you all should know that not only have “aliens” shaped our history, intervened and helped our DNA along, we are walking among you every day. We are your superstars celebrities sports, actors, musicians and the like…. We are your every day people your government considered both good and bad, we are your friends …we are even hidden among the stars…disguised as stars but we are not.

We have been here for eons upon eons…but more importantly …we are the ones that deposited life on earth. We are what is known as a Life Modification Planet. Of the billions of other life forms in this universe, only 61 are currently similar to earth. You see life is deposited and started everywhere however very little leeway is allowed and they must evolve on their own. This is not the case on earth, this is what is known as “an experimentation planet” What this means is that LIFE CARRIERS/Et(s) are permitted to undertake certain life experiments in an effort to improve the standard of living beings.

I have a wonderful and dear cousin that was raised alongside the bible and her most recent comment to me was “but God created us before the aliens” that is a very sweet thought, it is like saying the “sun revolves around the earth” Neither are true but it is not my job to tell her this, she will figure it out soon enough. I guess what I am trying to say here is that acceptance of an alien presence and what role they played in Earth’s history is about to become widely known. Your beliefs as they were taught to you, are about to be shattered and your outlook will never be the same.

This is not the first time it has happened in fact, many other civilizations have gone before us they have ascended and have joined the collective Christ minded ET’s millions of years before earth has. Why am I telling you this, well easy, because as these days draw nearer, I want you all to know that this is all planned, we are here to assist and you are and have never been alone.  NAMASTE your friendly neighborhood ARCTURIAN and friend Cyndi
or for those of you that really get it "THE HIDDEN ONE"

Leading the way

My sister in law, said an interesting thing to me last night...I thought I would share...she said you know all those people that criticize you Cyn, think you are the only one out there....there vibration doesn't match yours yet as far they are concerned you are the only ONLY ONE standing out on a limb, trying to reach the masses...and they feel you are crazy or out there, yet what they can't see is all of the thousands of people standing behind you, next to you around you teaching the same thing. You see them because your vibration now matches theirs...but when you first started out on this journey, you thought you were alone...they will catch up, you are simply leading the way.... ;o)

Indigo and Crystal Children

So much of what I say tends to shock you all. I am fearless when it comes to speaking out, no topic is too taboo for me. I operate outside society's expectation of the "demure female" because I do not believe in it, never have, never will. 

My purpose is to teach it is what I do. No person is too old or too young to learn or be given direction. I know that one of the things I am directed to do is help the children because most of them are born already activated. What do I mean by that? I mean to say they are already ahead of the evolutionary scale, your evolutionary standard. These are the children that see auras, see and hear spirits, have advanced math and science skills, are peacemakers, are warriors, the artist, healers, they have ADD, ADHD or dyslexia. They are the teenagers and children that question theri parents beliefs, religion, society just about every outdated useless system we have in place.

These are the kids that if are not helped will be unnecessarily put on medications by the world who does not yet understand who they are. They are the future, your future.

Death, the continuation of a journey, not the end of one!

If you all notice....I speak often of what you all call the death process. As we move into this new vibration on this planet, there are many who can not continue this journey, they are simply not equipped in their current body to continue. What you all are seeing is many of our loved ones , depart and you all feel a great sense of pain and loss only because you all understand this process from your current point of view only.
I have often said that death is merely a transition into a new state of being and that we do in fact my case we choose when where and how and actually remember it, but here on earth...many do not remember this and have no way of verifying it until we are in fact on what you all tend to call the other side.
Today however I came across this Arcturian perspective...and considering I had never seen it before, I couldn't help but notice how similar the message is. So I thought I would post their words instead...This is for those people and I know many of you all seeking solace and having trouble with this process now. You all are not the first or the last that seek me out during this time...however with much love this message is for you .....

"There is no such thing as a finite life. We all live on forever, but when we are in form our bodies do not exist forever. We choose when to move into physical form and when to move out of physical form. You do this as well although for you it is done at a deeper level and you are not aware of these choices. We have total awareness of these choices. This is a part of the remembering process we spoke about in our earlier transmissions. You are closely approaching this state as well.
Yes, we do choose to change our form and our life experience when it is time to further expand. When we feel that we’ve experienced and learned all we can about our current focus, then we move onto another. It is always a celebration of life expansion. We do not suffer or feel sad about the shedding of our physical suits or what you call death. There is no such thing as death, only expansion.
Because we are all One, it is natural to feel fear when a part of the one is leaving. Only your mind prevents you from knowing and understanding that you are never alone, you can never be away from the ones you love and you are always connected."

the Uselessness of Separation

Many of you all may think me naive, for not being outraged over the Presidents religious preference or the allegations of the guy on trial for his own racism....What would that say about me? Does being anti-Muslim make you a good American? or are you still biased by the fake fear propaganda your Govt hand fed you? 

While you all fight over red and blue pills.. the powers behind the scenes just laugh...don't you all see....They don't care which one you democrat...THEY OWN tell me something what difference does it make to choose? All I see are light-workers and light-warriors fighting over what we have been told...fighting over what they want us to know? Doesn't anyone else find this INTERESTING...?

TRUTH, seek it and ye shall find it

If people knew about our history being manipulated...If people knew that the bible has been trashed and that more truth can be heard out of a child's mouth than a sermon....if people knew their govt used assassinations, bullying, mind control, money time travel, and omission of truth all to their advantage...all to keep them in the dark....twisted everyone's perception to their advantage only, they would not be so GUNGHO to swear and protect the supposed only true word of God.

They would not be so quick to kill each other and turn on one another tell them they will burn in hell for not repenting....claiming end o the world and it has been written. haaaaa!!! Yes it has been written, all as the biggest LIE in history ...and for years the truth has been right in front of you waiting for you to be awake enough to search for it...Beyond what you have been TOLD awaits a whole world out there ...Yes it shatters your reality, yes you will feel betrayed but the sooner you rip the blindfold off the better you will feel....

Our Path, Our Journey, Our Birthright

What I am about to say has shock value….. You all must understand that I am a light warrior. I am not just a light worker so I am not about fluffy bunnies and love and hugs always…. I value these things but within me resides a balance. That balance requires stating uncomfortable truths and well that is what we do. So here goes…what you all need to realize is simple…All religions have been manipulated torn apart and reprogrammed from its original intention. When I say all I do mean ALL.

Have any of you ever given any consideration to why there are so many love hate relationships with church and or organized religion. Why most of us run in the opposite direction when a Jehovah’s witness or Pentecostal knocks on your door and or hands you a pamphlet? The truth is most of feel some truths in the doctrines attempt to connect to GOD and then some how end up feeling empty still. Why if we are taught that the connection is everything are most of you all not happy, not completely fulfilled as it states we should be? Why if we have so called faith and do all the things we are told earns us a place in his so called KINGDOM, are people still not feeling complete? Why if you believe in the BIG SKY DADDY, the minute you have a death in the family do you even question if there is a heaven?

THE DISCONNECT is real and it is purposely placed there. What we need to learn is to be able to siphon through the bullshit and find the truth. Things like the destruction of the earth, choosing one type of religion over the other, God playing favorites, punishment for so called sins, the big SKY DADDY who is too busy to care about you and takes pity on your lowly self …..because you are all unworthy sinners….NEED TO BE THROWN OUT THE WINDOW! All the various paradoxes that just do not add up, that simply don’t fit and yet we somehow try to justify it in our minds.

For example has anyone ever given any thought to how some of us worship a torturing device, wear it around our necks, hang it our cars, idolize plaques all depicting one of the most despicable acts of INHUMANE cruelty known to man? We drink symbolic blood and eat symbolic flesh all in effort to what CONNECT WITH GOD?!@#$%^….? Seriously how barbaric can we get? Why instead of Love and Tolerance do we promote judgment and crucifixion?

Connecting to GOD, ALAH, GANESH, BUDDHA, THE CREATOR, THE GREAT SPIRIT, THE UNIVERSE, JESUS, THE HOLY GHOST, QUAN YIN, (INSERT NAME HERE) is our God given birth right to seek our path and our truth. It is not our job to coerce another into believing “OUR WAY” It is not our job to tell people they will not be saved if it is not our way. These agendas of separation, judgment, salvation through separation are our enemy’s agenda…and we do not have to play this game anymore.