Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Apocalypse.... BRING IT ON!!!!

I was born into this world a clear and open EMPATH. It was too much for me, not only had I been retired from earthly incarnation I truly enjoyed where I was and had a lot of trouble adjusting to this lower frequency. I missed it instantly and the only thing I wanted to do as a baby was DIE. I was not allowed to for my mission on this plane was important but I spent my infant years very sick. I knew the tests that were to come to me were hard and they would serve to awaken my ability to help others. 

I came into this world doubting I could accomplish what I was meant to and forgetting my true purpose. My mission to serve as the eyes ears and heart of God, like a recorder my ability to feel and sense others and send it back to the source was of grave importance, I was to reunite with my whole soul not just a fragment of it.  Very much the same way my brother Jesus did.

Jesus' own awakening and merger of his whole soul was marked at the time of his baptism. It was then that he reconnected to his source and was able to fulfil his destiny. He was meant to serve as a template for others to follow. Sadly his journey and his history has been distorted by time.   The reason Jesus and so many other masters that came before and after him have not been appreciated as they should have been, is because they have robbed you of the most valuable piece of the puzzle, their humanity.  To be robbed of the things that they had to overcome, to not know that they were faced with economic struggles, death, familial responsibilities, trouble fitting in at school, trouble understanding why if all things are created equal under GOD must women be considered less than a man?  Yes Jesus was the first Feminist.

For example did you know that Jesus sat at NO MAN’s feet, he was able to garner wisdom and learn from even the smallest child.  His only guide was his heart, his intuition and his ability to process what he learned. You have been robbed of so many things highs and lows, trials and the wisdom applied to them to over come it.   The disconnect was created long ago by telling you accept no ones wisdom outside of a book butchered by time, individual interpretation and mistranslations. 

God has sent humanity advanced souls who not only teach a better way, but live it as well. Never have they arrived in such great numbers as there are right now. You all are surrounded by great masters disguised as regular every day human beings. You are surrounded by new souls and old souls, avatars and so much more than you realize...all with one unified purpose in mind...reconnecting you with your origins, to your whole soul.  The connection to the WHOLE SOUL is your connection to your true self.

Many of us here are serving as the templates that will usher in the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that has been desired by all.  We come to usher in the apocalypse.  We can and must bridge the gap BTW the worlds, keeping one foot firmly planted in help others.  I am one of many"bridges" "puentes" that will help others step into "heaven on earth"

Our wisdom does feel other-worldly, the ideas we share seem so radical and yet for all who ready, we facilitate the connection to the source. We come to bring you all global healing and understanding ...all of us HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT completely devoted to being of service to their fellow man. 

I share this, in loving service to all " THE HIDDEN ONE"

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