Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I learned from the Cherokee People...

If the teachings you all follow create the divide, the war, the stripping of your culture and religious beliefs and these teachings are not complete, then the only weapon I have against it,  would be to fill in the gap.  I would hope that in the 21st century we as a society have learned that it is a best selling book that is meant to encourage and inspire but not to be taken literally.

The problem is that the Bible and all other so called holy books are NOT God's ORIGINAL word...according to the edition of the bible we have it's the word of an English king (most recently) among others. These editors took passages written decades after the death of Christ and decided what to put in, modify and what to keep out. There have been multiple instances of the Bible being disproved, edited and modified sadly even ripped apart.

There are people out there that have known for years that the Egyptian pyramids are much older than we are taught they are but it is not common knowledge because to admit it would be to admit discrepancies in the Koran.

There is of course the discovery of the dead sea scrolls that predate our widely accepted version of history by 1000 years. Not only that but they includes hundreds of teachings that we know nothing about unless we take the time to research them. There are so many obscure and mysterious references in all holy teachings to people, places  or things that are simply not expanded upon. 

The manipulation of history goes back much further than religious manipulation.  There is actual physical evidence of  human foot and hand prints fossils dating back much further than our history teaches us man ever existed. In that list includes unknown metals, gears, batteries, advanced tools that were somehow used by primitive man?  Yet according to the history we have been taught, we as a human race just started making these tools and having these things just a few hundred years ago?!...

One need not go very far back in time as I have to see that the history we are taught is not what actually happened.  This past year for example, I visited the Cherokee reservation and learned a lot from these people.  You see their version of history vastly differs from what I was taught in school.  We give honor to people who have lied, cheated and manipulated these people to suit their objectives and yet that is not what we are taught.

The question I asked myself is just how much of our history has been written, edited, modified and biased to change our perception of reality?  What version of so called truth is really being taught to our children?  Have we really become the least informed people on the face of the earth? How does that affect my freedom, my child’s and grandchildren’s freedom?  Have we really become a nation that forgoes basic common sense and the right to ask questions over fears of a fictional hell and the devil?

Why is it so wrong to take time out to think for ourselves? If what is written is so true then why isn't it holding up to the inquisition? I have found that there is more actual physical evidence, artifacts, fossils, mysterious scrolls, ancient buildings and so much more right in front of us holding the missing links.

The mere fact that I take the time to point them out and ask the questions should at the very least expand our awareness beyond what we have been taught. My ability to think outside the box is something I really enjoy.  If I have learned anything at all from this, it would be that there is more to our rich and diverse history than meets the eye.  If stepping outside the box, helps others do the same, then I say lets link hands and enjoy the ride....

In loving service to all...THE HIDDEN ONE....

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