Thursday, December 27, 2012


I often smile at our limited understanding of the world around us. Often I get asked and see little notes making fun of Mayans for example. They say things like “if they were so advanced why didn’t they see the Spanish coming, why aren’t they still here” It shows how we try to justify our limited views without having all the facts. Shaking head…this is normal I suppose.

However for the record, it was not the entire civilization that was advanced but rather the extra-terrestrial beings that came to help this native civilization advance. They introduced concepts such as non human sacrifice, showed them their science, mathematical concepts, healing/medical techniques and spirituality. They left behind sacred teachings and even prophesied the arrival of the Spaniards. The “Popol Vuh” aka “ the Mayan bible is hardly ever mentioned because its teachings were destroyed by the Spaniards. Inside these sacred writings this civilization was not only taught “creation myths”, they were taught to read and write.

You see these beings that were turned into “ GODS” were made so not only because of their advanced teachings but because of their appearance. Their white skin, taller bodies and blue eyes were a sharp contrast to the natives limited understanding of what a man could look like. Many are described and depicted as being very different in appearance to that of the local people. There were many beings including those that look like a cross between animal and human, shape shifters not unlike those found in native American legends. Others that have elongated skulls wider set eyes. To understand this would mean that this was a collaborated effort performed by many different kinds of extra-terrestrial beings.

Chilam Balam a “Mayan Prophet” not only foretold the coming of the white men and even gave details of the diseases and war they would bring and gave the dates of great disasters that actually came true according to his calculations on the Mayan calendar. These beings gave them all a gift and a chance to change their perception of reality. They left behind their mark and took only those that were ready to advance to the next level. They ascended into the next dimension which is why there is no logical explanation only theories for their disappearance. Evidence of this, is now being shared by the Guatemalan and Mexican government.  
"Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond"  The documentary will soon be released for all to view.

But here is my point. Not everybody went with them. Some stayed not ready to advance and faced the perils that were prophesied. Now whether or not this was planned or simply a matter of not being ready to advance is no different from where we are now. The Mayans being only one example of many that I can refer to. What is happening to this planet has been done before. Never at this magnitude. But we have been incarnating on this planet, helping each and every advancement man-kind has made. We are here yet again, introducing new ideas, awakening your souls from its long slumber and raising your vibration.  We came back to usher in the beginning of the New Age, The Mayan 2012 age of the GOLDEN DAWN. 

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