Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today’s topic should serve as a reminder for all star-seeds on this planet.  I am not telling you guys anything you shouldn’t already know however I know many of us who have spent so much time engrossed in this planet’s dysfunctional patterns that we have forgotten why we came.  We all play a role in helping human beings awaken.  There are tons of jobs that we do, some of us teach, others channel, others create things however one of the biggest and most important jobs out there, entails being born to dysfunctional earthlings!

I want to explain this to those of you that feel alone or like no one in the world understands.  WE CHOOSE THIS LIFE! A good 75 to 80% of us choose to be born to dysfunctional earthlings.  YES YOU HEARD ME, you chose the crack addicted mother that abandoned you, you chose the physically or emotionally abusive father, you choose they psychotic mother who is unable to care for you, you chose the parents you knew would die, you chose the mother or father that would abandon you, you choose the abusive husband or crazy sister. You chose the parents that stay together for your sake and live miserably every after, you choose the crazy ex/ baby daddy/mama drama that makes your life miserable with every waking moment they have.  Yes YOU and I didn’t stutter.

 I know what you all are thinking right now LIKE HELL I DID!!!??  How many of us can say you have no idea what I have been through and yet HERE I AM.  I am willing to bet almost all of you. We are all warriors of the light and many of us know this.  However there are many of you all out there lost to your pain, unable to complete your mission because you all have convinced yourself that this role you agreed to play is real.  Many of you all are still caught up in the resentment, feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others for your misfortune.  Others are too busy feeling guilty or even angry at the world for short changing them that they feel like taking everything down including themselves. I guess you can call these folks casualties of war.  The sad reality is that it is a choice folks, this is a free will planet and you choose to become causality or a victor.

Anger, guilt, resentment and blame may be very normal human responses to many situations, but let me be the first to remind you all that your souls are not human.   As star-seeds, light-workers or human angels… (makes no difference to me what you call yourselves, really)….I need to remind you all that the time to hold on to this standard of intelligence that passes for sanity on this planet ….is over.

We are masters of transmutation and we have done this before. In accordance to universal law, we earn the right to assist. Who else but the person who has walked in the same shoes, inherited the same emotional blisters, who else but us, can come from a place of knowing and help others? The question you all have to really ask yourselves is this….are you wasting your time being a victim to your pain or are you standing up to your victory.  The Maya Angelou’s, Iyanla Vanzant’s, Joyce Meyer’s of this world and even  the JESUS CHRIST, I wish you all knew,  all walked on this 3d terrain, took everything this life gave them and OVER CAME IT.

You see that is why we are here, we are here to absorb all the dysfunctional thinking this planet has to offer and we are supposed to transmute it. Folks are job is to stop getting caught up in the mess that clearly we were sent to clean up and OWN UP TO OUR TRUE MAGNIFICENCE!  Assume your sovereignty folks are only job is to break up every idiotic game going on around us. You are not your problems, your past or even you’re so called mistakes.  It is time to stop identifying with them, by investing your emotions, carrying your guilty or pain around.  The time to let this go, is NOW. 

Our job is to disengage with everything you thought you knew and get rid of this false identity you spent so much time building and creating.  Now is the time to heal yourself, let go of it all, become so engrossed in your own sense of peace and tranquility that nothing and I do meaning NOTHING can affect it.  One can not dig others out of the ditch by throwing themselves head first into the very same ditch.  The blind can no more lead the blind, than a victim can assure his or her own victory.  It is only from a place of strength that you can help others.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not about saving or rescuing anyone else.   The only thing we can do is live, breath and become the example that will help others break free from their emotional prisons.  It is only by providing the alternative and becoming the change that is needed, that we become the beacon of light we were meant to be in the first place.