Friday, September 7, 2012

A story missing from our history books......

Today I am going to speak to you about a young Indian man named GANID. He is a very special young man that has been erased from our history books. You see he was one of Jesus’ first disciples. Jesus met Ganid and his father Ganod during his 28th year, A.D. 22. It was before the end of Passover week that he met a wealthy traveler and his young 17 year old son. You see his father Ganod was looking for a tutor and translator and as soon as he met Jesus he insisted that he become the young man’s tutor and interpreter for both of them. Why is this important?, such a little detail in such a glorious life? Because you don’t know about it, because so few of you really know who Jesus was let alone what a great example he set for us all.
This is the year that Jesus took a long journey upon the Mediterranean his purpose was to meet people, to really get to know MANKIND. You see he told only one person about his journey and of his purpose for going. He met so many wonderful people these are the years that many assume he was in India, others only guess as to where he was by calling them “THE LOST YEARS OF JESUS” . He was far from lost. He spent the time meeting hundreds of people and best of all he fell in love with them all. Jesus was not biased he met both rich and poor, black and white, educated and uneducated, cultured and uncultured, animalistic and spiritual, religious and non-religious, moral and immoral folks AND HE LOVED THEM ALL. This is very special because you see many of you all strive to live the life he set and yet so few of you really know what that is.
Anyway back to my story, who is Ganid? He is the young man that was blessed to have Jesus as his tutor, they spent almost two years together. It was during this time they developed a great affection for each other, to the extend that the boy’s father tried to persuade Jesus to return to India with them but Jesus always declined because he had to return to Palestine. It was during this time that Jesus learned much about the culture and civilization of both China and India.
During his leisure time, Jesus spent all his time meeting what we call “strangers” Ganid would often ask him why Jesus do you spend all this time meeting these “strangers” to which Jesus would say “Ganid, no one is a stranger to the ones who know God. In their experience to know the father, you discover that all men are your brothers, and should it seem so strange to experience excitement as one makes the acquaintance of a newly discovered brother? To become acquainted with one’s brothers and sisters, to know their problems and to learn to love them is the supreme experience of living” (paraphrased that quote )
This is the sort of great spiritual blessing that for two years Ganid had bestowed upon him. He learned alongside Jesus and then he took his wonderful teachings back to India. I wont make this story longer than it has to be, however I will say this….. You have before you a whole plethora of teachings from around the world. All of them come from the same source, and all of them are valid. The greatest ignorance we can commit would be to dismiss what the world has to offer for our own closed minded single view. The reality is that all of these teachings form a great puzzle that when pieced together answer your questions to the great mysteries of life.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life's Changes

I know many of you all are going to wonder if I am speaking of you at this time but I assure you I am not speaking about any one person in particular.  Actually many of you come to me with your problems and seeking advice because the world as you think you know it is falling apart and what you are experiencing is a sort of depression.  You don’t understand what to do because right now you are stuck between not wanting to return to the past, not sure what to make of the future and feeling what you all call “stuck” you are unsure of the path you must take. 

Many of you feel isolated from your families, others have relationships that are falling apart, others are losing their jobs or feel the need to relocate.  You don’t understand what is happening but you do know that if things remains the same you will lose your sanity so YOU MUST move forward and have no idea how. All of these things are normal and the message I want to convey to you all today is simple.  The earth is changing all of you are changing along with it and what is happening is very simple.  I want to explain in a way that may help you all.  You see we are all connected and as the earth changes so do you.

This sounds great except for the fact that many of you are not ready to let go of the world as you know it and as it falls apart you are unsure of your next moves.  See many of you know that the person you are with is not right for you or that you have grown apart but you all stay out of habit not even out of love. The person has served their purpose in your life and now you know it is time to let go, yet you all don’t. 

This is not only true for relationships this is true for careers too.  You all feel burned out or perhaps you have never ever really pursued your hearts desire and as you all stray even farther from what is in your heart, you all experience a depression, one that you all push aside and ignore because somehow you feel the need to pay the bills or you must do what you have to do and cant imagine doing anything else.  As time goes on, you become numb and ignore the sadness in your heart, you all even learn to ignore the dread you all feel when you wake up and know that you have to face yet another day!

You see the problem with this, is simple as I mentioned the earth is changing and no longer willing to keep the same vibration. Whether you are numb, stuck or experiencing some sort of repressed depression or longing, you are vibrating at a lower level.  This level is not acceptable anymore because as the earth raises its vibration, you to must go along for the ride whether you like it or not. 

So what does this mean for you all? Well I will tell you, if you didn’t leave that job before it will be taken from you…either in economic downfall or taken overseas …it can be anything really.  The relationships will fall apart because you have no choice but to lift the blinders off that you purposely chose to keep on.  If you didn’t change your eating habits for a healthier life style, a health issue WILL FORCE YOUR HAND. All of these seemingly awful things that you swear you are the victim of, are for your own good, but how easy the transition will be, will really be up to you all.  Either you all learn to change and start following your heart and what is best for you …or you will be forced to.  Honestly as many of you all face these situations whether you like them or not I promise you that in the end you will be changed for the better. 

The only thing that will make this a smoother transition is to start listening to your soul. Hear the voice of your heart and follow it.  The time to ignore what you know is best for you is gone.   The time for doubt and uncertainty are no longer options and the time has come to take that leap of faith.  The term "let go and let god" almost seems to fit perfectly.  Either you are a person of faith, and you make the changes that you know will make you happier or you get swept up in the tide of change.  I mean either you call your faith out, call it's bluff and figure out what you are really made of ..or it will be done for you.   It is time to rise up and take your destiny into your hands.