Sunday, January 27, 2013

Turn Towards the Light.....

When I speak of turning towards the light or walking away from the darkness, I am not speaking of good vs. evil, right from wrong or innocence vs. sin. All of these things are all one and the same in an all inclusive universe. When people speak of the thin line between love and hate what they mean is that one is merely the absence of the other. All of these things are but an illusion of absolute truth because at the end of the day it is nothing more than your own individualized perception that defines what falls within each spectrum. To add to that; time, society and your own upbringing add even more variables.

These opposites are nothing more than subjective truth. It is an interesting description because the words “subject” and “truth” having everything to do with how you as an individual experience life. You see you believe so strongly in the “subject” it becomes your truth in such a way that you attract situations/ trials that match that which you believe. So if you believe in racists people, cops and or employers your world/ your reality will be filled with all kinds of examples that match “your truth”. If you believe in Hell, the devil even if you want to fight against it …there is still a strong belief in this thing you call hell, so there again will be plenty of examples of the “devil” in your life. Your point of perception has everything to do with how your individual reality is reflected back to you.

It is so funny how many people believe in that silly little reflection. There are people who understand these things and have used it to their advantage for years. They understand the manipulative power the reflection has on you. Why would advertising on the boob tube be so expensive if it didn’t yield that kind of power? Every crazy post on the net that speaks of manipulation, loss of power, controlling of the mind, fear porn, gun control, and chemtrails whatever really gets under your skin, is not the point. You see you promote it the minute, it is given your attention even if the picture initiates your repulsion or your anger or distaste of it…it is still your point of attraction and it will continue to be that which is reflected back to you.  Recently I had someone to say to me “I just don’t see any good in this world” so I will give you a good guess as to what is reflected back to this individual?  In essence what I am trying to say is that your attention to the "problem" is creating more of the problem for you to experience. 

Many of you all have failed to understand your own creative power, so you stumble around in the dark creating more dark situations while hoping for some divine intervention. The absolute truth is that you are your own divine intervention, when I speak of turning towards the light what I am saying is “recognize your own sovereignty.” Your light is held within, and the power it yields is unstoppable because that light within was made in the image of God. In order to find this you must look within and destroy all the things that separate you from your light. If you do not like what is reflected back to you then it is time to look within and see what you believe in the most. You must reexamine everything you believe to be true, shatter every illusion and seek the light of your truth and set yourself free.  It is time to focus on the solution to everything, your enlightened self....

How Belief Alters Your Perception Of Reality, video examples below...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuck in the dark...NIGREDO

Many who are remaining in their dark and stuck patterns and have forgotten why they came to earth. They sometimes cannot and will not wake up to clean up their addictions. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again like a broken record that keeps repeating the same phrase.  The phrase then becomes their accepted form of belief and then they torture themselves with the constant wondering of why is it happening to them..? 

They may be in too deeply,  involved with dark circles of people who are constantly wreaking havoc and chaos in their own circles through the negative ego and are contributing to a world of misery and pain by perpetuating dark actions that cause suffering to others.
Instead of facing themselves, they go into hiding literally and figuratively..... I know, I myself have clawed my way out of my own self imposed abysmal prison of my soul. I choose to hide and die within rather than cause anymore hurt to others. I know this place well, it is part of  an alchemical soul process called, Nigredo.

Nigredo signifies the difficulties man has to overcome on his journey through the underworld. Nigredo is sometimes called ‘blacker than the blackest black’. It is a a state in which a problem is given full attention and reduced to its core.  This is not done so much in an intellectual way, but especially by feeling the emotions. By really going into to it, one causes putrefaction, the decomposition of that in which one had been stuck. The confrontation with the inner reality is often painful, and can lead to depression. 

So many rather than diving head first into the abyss, hide from the process, developing addictions such as shopping, smoking, drugs, sex, alcohol anything and everything to escape facing one's self.  Making the decision to clean up inner issues  and turn towards the light or continue down the same dark and negative patterns towards the absence of light is always respected.  This is a universe of inclusion not exclusion in such a way that our reality really does depend on our own individual choice.

In other words, making the choice to keep the lower self bound and limited is a matter of free will.  The choice of staying in the dark will only result in immense suffering through broken heartedness, loss of money and finances, shattered  promises, any form of deception one can think of. Nothing can change this scenario until the one in the Dark realizes the futility of what they have chosen or realizes the lessons learned in the Dark and consciously makes a choice to be in Light.

Perhaps one my greatest source of real physical pain, what I call heart-ache stems from my over-whelming desire to want to rescue someone from this horrible place.  I see my reflection in each and every person I meet.  My love for people clouds my judgement. My pain stems from knowing the futility of this act, from knowingly causing more damage than good.  There comes a point when no matter what we try to do to convince someone to hear us, we must accept that our words are falling on deaf ears.   Despite my deep longing to want to help, carry whoever I can on my back, we can not rescue someone from this place.  This is a choice an individual must make on his or her own.  

As light-warriors and light-workers, way-showers, Master Teachers, Angelic Messengers, we  must always strive to embody this free will principal.   Our job is to serve as an example and teach others how to free themselves. We were never meant to be a crutch or a messiah of sorts. We know this from experience as clearly every other attempt in the past has failed miserably.  Because as we all know even time and personal interpretation has a way of changing history into something it was never meant to be.

So here we must stand, staunch defenders of the light, showing all who come near just what the light of ones own soul can accomplish.  The light serves as the polar opposite of the initial downward spiral.  All we can ever hope for is that the in your face display of contrasting energy, will spawn the desire to walk towards the light.

In loving service to all...I AM THE HIDDEN ONE.....

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Welcome to my world, I have not experienced everything these kids in the video (below) have, but I have had and continue to have many of these experiences.  I live with "knowledge bombs"- downloading of unknown intelligence sources- like a computer, I can heal seemingly incurable or unfixable things including working with those that teeter on the brink of 3-D death,  I have immunity to disease, I can hear thoughts and emotions, I have the gift of fertility-meaning I can help people conceive, I can speak with animals, plants and minerals even inanimate objects, I know many of my past lives, I can speed read a combination of absorbing energy of the words and viewing them at a rapid rate, I can astral travel, I am a universal empath, I can see other dimensions, I am currently experimenting with energy and moving objects my manipulating my light energy I draw from my merkaba,  I hear the GOD mind, I can manipulate time and space, I can bi-locate, I can call angelic support--light energy at will.

I am balanced both masculine and feminine traits in perfect harmony.  What this means is that I can use both hemispheres of my brain calling upon both masculine and feminine traits as needed.   I am also slowly losing my ability to eat toxic foods and coffee milk and many others things without feeling instantly ill. My sensitivity to foods and chemicals has changed and increased completely This fluctuates and I noticed others around me going through similar things.

I can't imagine how old my soul is, just thinking of who I have been through out history both that which you all are aware of and that which many of you have no clue even existed. I have lowered my vibration and come to help as much as I can by living among you all and living my truth.  I love and know many of the ascended masters and remember living with them. My real self is a blue electric light being with what appear to be enormous wings, in actuality it is just part of my aura. I have seen it through my own Kundalini yoga practice. My origin is that of the BLUE-RAY/ the lost bird tribe of the Native American prophesies. My name itself means light, freedom and bridge to life ever lasing or bridge to heaven --it serves as a portal. I accelerate DNA and I help others get unstuck by directing thought on a sub-atomic level.

I have no fear of anything that I don't understand because I strive to find answers and confirmation to that which has been happening to me all my life. I myself have met and seen a "grey E.T." and shortly after,  my own experience,  my awakening began at warp-speed. I have always prided myself on my intelligence and rational mind set  but ever since this encounter my entire world as I knew it shattered, I was set free.  

I have no father or mother because I chose to be born again-into my truth without limits from the living heart God.   We serve as a template because we have gone before you all, yet through service to your awakening, remain reachable in perception and frequency. We are the Bridge/Puente between your state of being and the doorway back home.
I now live my truth with pride and take my mission very seriously.  We wield tremendous Power at ALL times, for we are unwavering in our alignment with God, having guarded the expansion of Light within humanity upon Earth since her inception and birth.  My heart breaks for all who fail to understand their connection to each other. My ultimate goal is to help others start their own self discovery, dismiss everything they thought was real and re-examine it without bias...but more importantly to love and accept each other as cosmic and universal brothers and sisters all sharing the same spirit.

This is my last incarnation on this planet,  for I have retired from it so long ago and volunteered when I heard the call.   I will return home to the light with the knowledge that I did not seek acceptance of others or conformity but rather lived in full service to my fellow man.   Fortunately for me, I know that acceptance of what I say nor what you decide to label me as, will ever change who I am or what I teach because I LIVE MY TRUTH, I AM FREE, I AM LOVE, I AM YOU. ...I AM THE HIDDEN ONE...

This video...below is a little piece of my world...confirmation for me that I am not alone...and that my family expands beyond what most barely register as "real" in their reality.


She was in hell; He was in heaven.... An angel and a devil. He came down to hell to find her she rose to heaven to find him....each missing each other in the process until one day they found each other right in the middle.....They were heaven and hell combined. His gentleness kept her humanity in check. Her aggressiveness kept all of his enemies in line....

The above example is a metaphor of who I am.  Balanced both light and dark, feminine and masculine energy.  I was born into hell, a broken disconnected illusion and no knowledge of who I really was.  I had to embody my masculine will to rise to heaven- a frame of mind that liberated me from the lack of light and understanding.  Interestingly it is my feminine energy that is the archetype warrior and my masculine side that is the peace maker. I have always been a good example of a paraodox.   I belong to the Ascended Master Octave: one with masculine qualities predominant and the feminine submerged, and the other with feminine qualities predominant and the masculine submerged.

"The Great One produces the two poles (Heaven and Earth), which in turn give rise to the energies of the dark (yin) and the light (yang). These two energies then transform themselves, one rising upwards, and the other descending downwards; they merge again and give rise to form." (Lu-sih ch'un-ch'iu )

"The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist."
(Erwin Schrodinger)

"The created universe carries the yin at its back and the yang in front; Through the union of the pervading principles it reaches harmony." (Lao tzu, Tao-te ching)

Enlightenment does not come from mastering either the material or spiritual world but from finding the common ground between these polarities of existence....In each individual, the balance between masculine and feminine intelligences is a dance of unity.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I want to discuss something that has been on my mind lately.  This in no way means to attack anyone specifically; it is just something I need you all to think about.  The first one will be directed towards women and the second one will be directed towards men….

How many of you have ever felt completely and totally pissed off when you hear of a woman who has been bullied, raped or sexually harassed in any way and when they asked for help they were treated as if either it is there fault or they are making it up as some sort of vendetta, basically crying wolf in order to get back at a man they are angry at?  Making it seems as if women have no where to turn when they really need help.  INFURIATING isn’t it?   Wow what if I told you that women were at fault for this? 

Now before you get incredibly mad at me because perhaps you yourself have been in this situation, I will explain what I mean.  There are some women who have in their past made up stories, there are others who felt ashamed of their actions and cry rape rather than confront reality.  How many times does this happen to celebrities, when a woman fishing for money will make up some horrendous story, knowing that the celebrity in question has a reputation that is directly equated to their future career and income, then  uses this for leverage?  We don’t even have to go that big for example, I know of one that was recently kicked out of the military because not only did she do this once before,  prior to going in, she did it again while serving.  Now I am not attacking her,  I just want to point something out.  It is very simple, she may be paying dearly for the consequences of her actions but so is every man and woman on this plane as we are all connected through the law of ONE. 

What I am trying to say is simple, this act committed by one individual created a reaction to something that going forward needed to be addressed.   So now every woman whether they are telling the truth or not must be put through an inquisition to ensure that what they are saying is true.  Now imagine how many knowingly act out as an individual never once taking into account how we all pay.   The law of One is one of those things that works regardless of whether we understand it or not. 

Women can continue to knowingly commit acts that they will pay for in the end but the real question should then be…how would you feel if it is your daughter, your sister, your best friend who is now placed in this situation as a consequence of your individual choice?   Imagine if you will, your own daughter who is telling the truth, completely inconsolable, made to feel  as if there is no where to turn?  Hesitant to speak up because she knows that she will be shamed first?  Her creditability in question made to relive the horrible situation over and over again until the people that are supposed to be helping her can be assured she is telling the truth? 

Everyone shares the burden, this is a  true example of how one person can effect the whole through the law of ONE.  So now we have choice we can take this understanding and strive to always act in a manner that will create change not only in ourselves but in the lives of everyone else OR  we can continue to pay for these things until we figure it out…

The Repercussions of our Actions…

There are certain universal laws that are absolute. By this I mean whether you understand them or not they will always work, in and out of time, they just are and forever will be true. So today I will write about the karmic repercussion of our actions and the effect they have on us as a whole and as individual.

I feel compelled to write about our connection to each other. Perhaps it is a small effort to get you all to understand why we really must begin to grasp and fully embrace the universal law of ONE and understand the law of cause and effect, in order to transcend the root of all evil-Ignorance. Ignorance can be defined -as lack of knowledge, awareness or education, in essence the state of being uninformed.

The law of cause and effect teaches us that every action has an equal reaction…physical evidence of this can be seen in the way that we would pull back a pendulum, let it go and watch it swing back in the opposite direction. This law is better known as Karma. Where we get back only that which we put out. I suppose this may have a little to do with where humanity got the ignorant idea that God punishes us somehow and so we must stay in line or feel his wrath. The truth is that our reality can be viewed as punishment or bliss both being a direct reflection of our actions, thoughts, beliefs and or speech.

The law of ONE being another example of absolute truth. It states that we live in a world in which everything is connected to each other, in such a way that everything we think believe and do affects us as a universal whole. At the core of our very essence, we are all made of the same “light/ spirit /god/ consciousness” regardless of whether we are mineral, star, planet, plant, animal, human or humanoid. This can also be viewed in such a way that when we feel hatred towards another human being we are truly hating on some aspect of ourselves. When we act against another we are in fact hurting ourselves. All acts of revenge will only result in an endless and never ending cycle that can only be overcome by understanding our connections to each other.

The individual body is not who we really are, this shell can be either male or female, may have white or black skin, be Hispanic or Asian, be Muslim or Jewish, born in Arkansas or Zimbabwe, it may even be Blue or Grey, at the end of the day it is nothing more than a temporary shell that allows us to adapt to the environment that we currently live in. We have forgotten that the differences in the outer shell, the bio suit is not what defines us but rather that which holds in what we really are and unites us all to one another, our spirit, a piece of that which we call God. In the same way that a cup may temporarily hold a bit of the ocean inside of it. The ocean water never stops being ocean water regardless of where the cup came from, what kind of cup it is or even what color it is. This is a simple analogy in which the cup is your physical body or vessel and the ocean is your true spirit essence, which many call God.

Both the law of cause and effect and the law of one are so intrinsically tied to the moment to moment experiences that can attach and identify with the false assumptions leading to all potential suffering and struggles in our daily lives. It is in the lack of understanding our connection to each other, that we lose sight of the consequences of our actions. The repercussions have a pendulum like effect that can either be a wrecking ball of destructive force or an uplifting and unifying tangible love force that can be felt by all.

As a “universal empath” these truths are engraved in my soul like a tattoo. Even when I voice my dissatisfaction or dislike towards another’s behavior or feel repulsed by differences in energetic vibrations at the end of the day I am never allowed to forget that even the people standing on the other end of my own subjective code of ethics are connected to me. I have even come to understand how uncomfortable the opposite vibration makes me feel. I recently understood this as my own shadow work. The idea being that my own negative emotional knee-jerk reaction is a direct reflection of my opposition to that which I consider lower density vibrations or untruths. To be honest the act of going against what I believe actually physically hurts me because as an emapth I feel the resulting hurt, pain, disappointment and or anger of both the victim and the aggressor. The discomfort or distaste is my own resistance to the things so opposite of the peace and satisfaction that comes from helping and uplifting others.

I have a tendency to stand up for what I believe in and feel resistance towards purposeful acts of bullying, lies, racism, sexual bias or harassment but more importantly turning a blind eye to these things. You could say that I believe that evil acts may be fixable but purposeful apathy towards another persons pain is not. I am perhaps guilty of being too honest, voicing my truths whether people like it or not. I stand up before you all unashamed of who I am and or what I believe in, I share my thoughts, my life, my views and respect what I learn from others. I tend to speak up and make my dissatisfaction obvious but that does not in any way mean that I have forgotten the connection in us all. It has taking me time to discover the uselessness of fighting against that which we may not always agree on and even longer to not falter from standing in my truth.

Even though I am not always successful at keeping my anger or my initial knee-jerk reaction in check. I am learning to embrace this shadow in such a way that it becomes insignificant as a direct correlation of non-emotional acceptance of it.  As Martin Luther King once said, “hate can not drive hate only love can do that” When I am faced with these knee-jerk emotions, it takes a quite a lot of discipline on my behalf to remember that love and kindness have a healing power capable of restoring the balance. When I act and behave in accordance to my truths, raise my vibration towards all things perceived good and or bad, those things that do not match shall fall away. I suppose you could say I fully embrace the idea that karma is only bitch if you are, so I made her my best friend instead.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The creations myths were all created as a means to help primitive man relate to its origins and history. The vernacular varies only in the way it is presented to the populace. The allegorical structure used, were a necessary means to help the cultures understand the concepts to the best of their ability. However it is high time that we expand our own understanding leaving behind the primitive conceptual ideas that have held on for so long. I would like to think we have developed the ability to transcend the primitive explanation.

It is the Elohim that created us in their image. …the ELOHIM- Elohim (אֱלֹהִ֔ים) is a grammatically singular or plural noun for "god" or "gods" in both modern and ancient Hebrew language. Calling them the “creator gods” or the “Christ consciousness matrix” " highest form of angel" or any other clever named used to relate is not of importance. Regardless of your understanding this matrix system is still derived from one source of consciousnesses. I just want to make sure to point that out…everything derived from the ONE source. Yes I am aware I am repeating myself.

The idea explained below…

"As consciousness split itself, into 13, one its origin and 12 beings to hold a resonance for the universe. These 12 beings had individual awareness, plus an inherent need to search and learn about consciousness. (Hence the desire to know thyself, purpose and god) This began our individual expression of the whole. Origin enjoyed seeing different parts of itself doing things that it had absolutely no knowledge about. Each of the 12 Entities created as many universes as He/She/It needed to gain experience and evolve. They created the basic building blocks that have allowed worlds to unfold. They maintain the integrity of the system ensuring that the fabric is not ripped, torn or shred and that things run smoothly within the boundaries of their creation."

To accept this would mean that you are including both Sons and Daughters of the source and that everything derives from the original 12 well technically 13. I am speaking of the mother/father creator of our creator. Our creator split itself as Origin one side being Creator, and the other being the many billions of souls in a number of universes in a number of dimensions. In such a way that ORIGIN/SOURCE has both a singular and connective consciousness.

These are the Gods/Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Greece and so on and so on. They are the prophets of the bible spoke to when they spoke with YHWH. Of these 12 perhaps the most familiar would be Jesus. That is where the idea so he loved the world …blah blah came from. Buddhist understand this, they explain the idea as a Bodhisattva. Melchizedek and many others were part of the original ELOHIM. Hence why the references although quite distorted by time are still part of many sacred teachings.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


There is a feminine aspect of the divine known as the "mystery teachings“, the wisdom of God, the "Love" of God, the breath of God, the spirit of God, the light of God etc, etc.   It is known to few as the teachings of THE ESSENES.  Jesus studied with the Essenes, who had taught the mystery teachings to the few that had the capacity to accept it as their truth.  They did not follow traditional Jewish laws, in fact you could call what they followed the “the missing pieces of the teachings”  He was so radically different in his stance and complete disregard for what was widely accepted as the law or the only truth that he was later crucified for attempting to teach things his way. 

He taught the deeper meaning of parables, he taught dance and song, prayer, meditation and individual relationships with God.  He taught us what the myths actually meant and in no way meant to imply that it was what it appeared on the surface.   He taught that there was no need for any kind of intercession as the kingdom of God is found within us all, therefore making us equal to Jesus and God.  We are pieces of the source just as Jesus himself was a piece of God, the only difference is that he knew and embraced the idea where as all others put GOD outside of themselves in the sky somewhere.

It was in fact what Jesus came to teach us in his time, he came to reconnect the missing pieces, he attempted to make women equal and teach us that GOD, THE SOURCE, THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, THE BREATH OF GOD, THE WISDOM OF GOD was in fact his mother and his father, two aspects of the same source from which he and all things originate.   Proof of this is found in the statement he made when he was asked of his origins and his response:  We have come from the LIGHT, where the LIGHT originated through itself. The Mother is the LIGHT, where the light has originated through ITSELF” the ITSELF being the Father.  In fact one of the questions I have often asked myself is, ‘could the idea of the Immaculate conception- the virgin birth and all the associated myths, be an attempt to understand or explain the source of all things from which the original division began?’ 

Again it is not something I have proof of, merely one of the many questions that come up throughout my quest. I once wrote a blog called “MY FALL FROM GRACE” It was about how I lost and found God. It was about the beginning of my awakening.  The title was based on one of my own questions.  Is it possible that the “fallen angels” are e a symbolic representation of man’s own separation of the source?  The evil/ dark being an opposing force of what is considered Good or light?   In essence one of many paths that can be taken in which the idea that the separation is necessary in order to find your way back home.  I once said that without having purposely walked away from God/ my source/ the source of all things, I would not be able to find my way back.  I learned this from one of Paulo Coelho’s books.  It stuck with me as it resonated so perfectly with me at the time.

During my own quest I have uncovered so many hidden meanings that I had never noticed before.  One such example can be found in the real symbolic meaning of the apocalypse and the great spiritual war we undertake in order to find our way back to our source. The idea that the teachings are not referring to the end of the world but rather the end of the polarity, the destruction or rebirth being an individual choice. Other things such as the hidden references to inner and outer temples that are actually referring to our right and left hemispheres of our brain, a physical representation of the sub conscious and conscious abilities hence why it is referred to as a PHYSICAL building. The veil then becomes the third ventricle of your brain the doorway to heaven if you will.   References to not needing any tools to build the temple because it is made in silence would be a symbolic representation of meditation. The winding stairs to the doorway would be the awakening of your spiral DNA’s movement up your spine, what Hindus call the KUNDALINI.

Just as the many creations myths were an attempt to explain our origins to the population in a way that they could understand based on their own culture and time period.  There are so many other things hidden in plain sight found everywhere in all teachings.  I have come to realize that the connection between science and spiritually as one and the same aspect of itself.    So you see, my original question regarding the Immaculate Conception, is not without obvious set precedence. 

These teachings have almost been completely eradicated from our history books.  It has created an incomplete picture of the balance found in all things.  It has created a disconnect in humanity, turning women healers into witches and devil worshipers, it has made women less than equal counterparts to all men, it has stolen much of our nurturing aspects of humanity.  Yet many cultures held steadfast to its mystery teachings, held the space where we could one day reunite with our understanding of what the Jewish faith call the “shekinah” or what Christians call the “HOLY SPIRIT” 

Interesting isn’t it how small of a part most women play in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths.  How women’s wisdom of the healing arts became a threat instead of a blessing.  How a once misunderstood concept of procreation once considered a sacred and beautiful thing became so dirty and unclean women had to be made “VIRGINS” in order to birth the God’s of their faith.  How is it possible that the sacred teachings of the divine mother became something so badly misinterpreted that it was turned into something considered to be “dirty, evil or witchcraft”

At what point did we not make the connection that women are equal counterparts to men?  Each having their own strengths and weakness compliment the other perfectly to create the balance that so many of us are missing?  Why is it that telling people that the “holy spirit” is the mother of us all just as the Source is our father, does it cause such opposition?  Hasn’t anyone ever looked around and considered the make up of  everything in this world? Everything from the study of ALCHEMY-being only complete when two halves are incorporated into the whole.  One side being a science and the other being an esoteric and hidden spiritual teaching that compliments it so perfectly, that full understanding and mastery is not achieved without both halves.  This balance is found in all things such as the study of martial arts and its hidden spiritual connections, the masculine feminine energy of procreation, even something as simple as batteries lining up in perfect (+) and (-) aspects in order to work.

What you all call the “NEW TESTAMENT” regardless of what version you follow has not only been butchered by time, misinterpreted or mistranslated gravely misunderstood by the people or group opposing these teachings they have convinced you that this is all there is and anyone not in agreement shall not be saved!   Jesus referred to this group as SATAN- or as it was meant in his time “THE OPPOSING FORCE” not the horned, fire, breathing damnation devil people think of.

There are many who take this stance such as Teal Scott who also mentions the idea of demons being a manifestation of our own disconnect from the source.  In other words the separation being so far from the LIGHT that it has become DARK or EVIL.  We are so powerful of a creator that our own thoughts were able to manifest this “BOOGEY MAN.”  The idea that people resist this so called “DEVIL” is of no use really because they believe in it so strongly that they themselves have created the “DEVIL” of their reality.  I once had a disagreement with a young man because I explained to him that the “devil/Satan” is not part of my belief system therefore has absolutely no power over me. He was so unhappy that I didnt agree with him, he started attacking me and calling me stupid and whatever else he could come up with.  He insisted we had to save everyone from the big ol' scary BOOGEYMAN...   Obviously I had nothing to prove and I realized his battle is his own.  My beliefs do not line up with his.  This young man can take as long as he likes to battle his own demons and figure his way.

I on the other hand have come to understand that I am the warrior that has faced all demons of my own making and triumphed. I am of the light, and the light trumps over all darkness.  This is what makes me free and gives me the ability to serve as ’CINDY- CAROLINA - PUENTE - PALMA‘--  the LIGHT- FREE- 'HU'-MAN - BRIDGE - to the symbol of life ever lasting/ heaven. My name carries with it my own activation or understanding of what my purpose is in this life. The vibration it carries means something very different to me than it does to all others. For it is in the hidden meaning, the feminine vibration that defines it, that enables me to find my purpose in this life time.

So I share my findings, not in the hopes that you will agree but rather start your own search. I have come to realize that my own confirmation that all paths derive from the same source, that there is no division except that which we create ourselves. The process of testing out my own theories, has allowed me the great pleasure of piecing together a puzzle, in which the pieces are a representation of all things in this universe. A puzzle that does not separate a Muslim from a Jew, A Christian from a Pagan, a black man from a white man, a witch from a doctor, or even science from religion. I am learning to see that seemingly opposing forces are two aspects of the same coin. It is a puzzle that once pieced together removes all self imposed barriers from humanity and unites us all as ONE.

In loving service to all " THE HIDDEN ONE"

I found this video after I wrote my blog..It completes more of the thoughts I had, explained in a different way.  I completely resonate with is perhaps my favorite SPIRIT SCIENCE VIDEO YET...

My own quest for the truth... THE BEGGINNING

As far back as I can remember, I have always felt that all religions contribute some aspect of the truth. To me you could say that all religions were like giant puzzle pieces, that fit together to make one big picture. It became a matter of filtering out biases, uncovering similarities and differences and attempting to piece them together. The only thing I had was a deep loving respect for God, without any religious affiliations. It was as if something inside me could accept some teachings but not all. I could find some truth and some things that didn’t resonate in all popular faiths. I did not judge anyone for their beliefs but I myself could not belong to any one in particular. Something inside me just felt the need to understand how the pieces fit together because the idea of fighting over differences just didn’t make sense to me.

I began studying ancient history and started looking into pagan faiths. I wanted to understand its origins, their customs and their beliefs. I have no idea why I chose this point of origin specifically, it is just what I did. I wasn’t looking to adopt practices, it was more or less a quest to understand the religion without any biases such as calling them Satan worshipers, witches or devils.

I discovered all kinds of things from its primitive beginnings, that included a deep respect for nature and their misinterpreted views of punishment or angry Gods due to what we now call natural disasters. I discovered the origins of “live” sacrifice and how it died out although some still believe in this practice. It is in fact no different from its own Judeo-Christian origins that believe in animal sacrifice or blood sacrifice to appease some sort of angry God.

I looked into symbolism behind beautiful ceremonies and their respect for nature. In fact most traditionally considered Christian symbols are actually Pagan to include many rituals, candles, prayers, blessings, measure of time such as calendars, seasons, days of the week, trees, animals such as bunnies, doves, angels, crosses, clothing of priest, pastors and rabbis, temples and churches, posture during prayer as well as the word AMEN. The list is in fact endless.

I looked into how their understanding and attempts to explain all life’s mysteries had evolved. I understood how they were able to tap into the power of their mind through deep inner meditation, clear projected focus and were able to create what people consider to be “magick”

As I dug deeper I discovered that they had rituals for baptism, cleansing of the soul through element of holy water, they had rituals for marriage called hand-fasting where they tie their left hands together with a cord in a symbolic gesture of love and union- at the end of the ceremony they were considered to be married --which is where the idea of the ring and marriage derives from. Regardless of how much it is modified, to pretend it isn’t similar would be silly, as it is obviously original idea that has evolved over time. Some choose to keep with the original tradition while others adopt the Christian or religious belief of their choice.
Other things I learned include all the so called Christian holidays such as Easter, Christmas and the like all have their origins in what is considered “PAGAN” or my favorite way of referring to it as the old religion, mystery religions or the mother of all religions.

I use that word “PAGAN” with absolutely no bias, hatred, judgment or separation. I have come to understand it as, the history of human civilization, it is in essence the prehistoric roots of man’s attempt to understand the divine and are found all over the world. It connects the world to its medical and scientific roots as well as its spiritual ones. I do not belong to any faith but I do understand its origins, its contributions and how it has evolved to become the foundation of many beliefs. It is not something that I deny nor will I cover up because I do not have any shame associated with it.

Now that being said, I will continue to describe other connections I have found for those of you that do not understand and make a huge effort to separate and dissociates yourselves from these origins. Many of you that seek to point fingers and create the separation never once take into consideration that these pagan customs are in fact the mother of your own religious beliefs. For example the tradition of the Eucharist, the resurrection and eating of the body of the god for salvation, all find its origins and roots in ancient Babylonian culture, Greek myths, and all other pagan goddess and customs that predate the ones mentioned.

Easter for example derives its name in honor of the goddess “Oestre” or “Eastre“, and in Germany by the name of “Ostara.” The idea of resurrection derives its origin in the Babylonian goddess Ishtar or Sumerian goddess Inanna. These are of course the oldest written records as the oral history predates this time. All of these goddess were known as a symbol of fertility and it is also where women derive the origins of the female hormone known as “estrogen” So it is no wonder where the “Easter egg or bunny ” come from, both being traditionally known for its connection with fertility. I won’t go into too much detail of what happened afterwards or before because you all can take the time to find this on your own.

One example of the “eating of the body of Christ” can be found in Mithraic communion and the prayer that follows: “He who will not eat of my body, nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him, shall not be saved." The followers of Adonis, Attis

Similarly, the origins of the virgin mother and the sacrifice of the god all find its origin in pagan beliefs. Truth be told there at least a few dozen instances of virgin births mostly of religious figures that I can think of alone that predate that of “JESUS” I can name a few lets see there is:
-The Greek- Demeter and Persephone, Rhea and Zeus, Apollo
-The Egyptian -virgin mother Isis and Horus
-The Phrygia-Attis was born of the virgin Nama
- In China - A nymph bathing in a river touched by a lotus plant, from which the divine Fohi is born
-In Siam- a wandering sunbeam caresses a girl in her teens and the great and wonderful deliverer, Codom, is born
-Buddha descended on his virgin mother Maya was born from her right side to save the world,
The Aztecs and Mayans -Quetzalcoatl not only did he have a virgin birth, but he was associated with the planet Venus, the morning star, as was Jesus
Persian-Mithra who was also a virgin birth, born on December 25th and resurrection is celebrated as Easter --The prophet Zoroaster was also born of a virgin,
In India- the God Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki
In Tibet-Indra was born of a virgin

I can go on and on forever but I would start naming a time that you all wouldn’t be the least bit familiar with so I won’t. The similarities of course did not end there as many of the above mentioned GODs not only had miraculous supernatural virgin births, they were known as the truth, the light, the salvation of humanity. Some of them turned water in wine, others healed the sick and preformed miracles. Some of the above mentioned gods had wise men announcing their births. Many were crucified or killed and resurrected, many of their exact teachings or sayings were regurgitated versions of what I had previously believed were exclusive to Jesus.

While I continued to uncover the various similarities, I also wondered just how much of what is in the bible, is really attributed to “JESUS”? I couldn’t say for sure if he had in fact done any of the things that are related to him because of all the other “gods” who shared the same or similar story! I suppose I could have gotten stuck in this rut and decided there was no Jesus, that I had been lied to, or manipulated. I could have decided his story was fake and well become atheist but something inside me still had to know where did these stories come from and why are they all the same? What could possibly be the point of maintaining the plot and only changing the names of the main characters?

The idea of limiting my quest for answers to one single solitary source called “ THE BIBLE“ or “ THE ONLY WORD OF GOD” just seemed asinine to me. How could I possibly ignore the similarities, how could I not want to find out if Jesus even existed. I didn’t set out to prove that there wasn’t a God or Jesus, I merely needed to understand the connections I had made. I needed to find the answers to the many questions I had. I really wanted to know if there was a deeper meaning behind these stories, why preserve them and hide them in plain sight? This of course is only the beginning of my quest for the truth. I was left with more questions than answers. The more I uncovered, the more I realized just how much I didn’t know.....

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My mother's gift to me.....

My mom gave me the most amazing gift, she told me ...this is what I know, this is how I grew up, this is what I believe, I will not force you to go to church or follow me but one day you must promise me that you will find your way and begin your own search" --and well that I did.

I grew up with relatively little bias, and as I searched and looked into all accounts of every religion I was able to look at it objectively. I knew I didn't want to belong to any one belief system however I was able to garner wisdom from all teachings, I could see for myself that God resided in all of it.

For as long as I could remember I have always had one theory in my mind and that is this...all religions contribute partial knowledge to a much bigger picture. Once put together without fights over who is right or wrong, the answers to our questions are made clear.

I did have one bias that I no longer have of course and that is that I used to think that the Hindu faith was just too different. In time I found out that Krishna and Jesus share the same myths. They also contribute the idea of reincarnation to develop spiritually and ever so beautiful describe "the elohim" their creation myth was ahead of its time.

Pagan/earth based religions are not only the mother of most christian beliefs, they bring back our disconnect from the divine feminine.

Buddhist not only teach that all life is sacred they also understand the purpose of starseeds such as Jesus and how they lowered their vibration to help us.

Judaism seeks to uphold as best they can the original teachings of the melchizedek priesthood and ancient mystery schools. They attempt their best to teach what they learned from “the elohim”

Islam provides more information on Mary and provides beautiful accounts of her life and contributions.

I could go on and on about ancient religions most know nothing about but it is not for me to show you everything I merely point out places where one can choose to go.

So there you go in time I have only found more and more confirmation of that which I have always known in my heart to be so. WE ARE ALL ONE! All things derive from the same source.

Are you a starseed?

Are you like me? One of the many volunteers here to help this planet awaken? Did you just figure it out or have you always known? NOT SURE... KEEP READING....
"Starseeds of Light agreed to forget whom they are when born as humans. Many come with special missions to serve humanity in some way. They are now awakening to whom they really are and sense that something spectacular will happen soon. They too are here to help us awaken."

Do you think you are a Starseed? Here are a few of the characteristics you may recognize. These are from Brad Steiger's book Star People:
Compelling eyes.
Lower than normal body temperature.
Was an unexpected child.
Chronic sinusitis.
Hypersensitivity to electricity or electro-magnetic force fields.
Experience buzzing or audio tone prior to a psychic-spiritual event or warning of danger.
Have "flying" dreams.
Children and animals are attracted to you.
Felt Earth mother/father not real parents.
Had unseen companions as a child.
The frustrations levels and the 'need to know now' levels - run high.
Their eyes have an extremely compelling quality
They have great magnetism and personal charisma
They are very sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields
88-92% have lower body temperature than the norm
At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical /experience
92% feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions
65% are female: 35% are male
90% have experienced a sense of oneness with the universe
83-94% have chronic sinusitis
32-34% have extra or transitional vertebra
97% have hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors
70-87% have swollen or painful joints
93% have pain in the back of the neck
84% adversely affected by high humidity
71% have difficulty dealing with/or expressing emotions
74% report out of body experiences
57% perceive auras
63% have experienced a white light during meditation
50% believe that they receive some form of communication from a higher source
50% have accomplished dramatic healings on themselves and others
38% practice automatic writing
60% have perceived spirit guides
75% have experienced clairvoyance, clairaudience
57% have made prophetic statements or experienced prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass
38% have been visited by an angel
37% reveal the manifestation of a Light Being
35% feel that they have been blessed by the appearance of a holy figure
50% are convinced that they have a spirit guide or angel
40% admit to having had an invisible playmate as a child
20% once spotted an elf or "wee person"
14% have witnessed the activities of the "fairies"
34% are certain that they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level
55% report an intense religious experience
72% claim an illumination experience
90% have experienced telepathic communication with another entity, physical or non-physical from another realm.
48% have seen a ghost
42% have connected with a deceased loved one
76% believe in reincarnation and have past life memories
37% have survived a life-threatening illness
34% have been involved in a severe accident or trauma
55% have had near death experiences
78% believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it and some are aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds.
86% believe in miracles
Most believe in a God or creator energy source
All believe in life on other planets

(ENJOY YOUR DISCOVERY FOLKS, I was I don't know SPOT ON for about 97% of this stuff consistently on all tests...)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My personal introduction to Pleiadian Traits

Lately I have met a lot of starseeds from the Pleiades star system. Many who have no concept who they really are and yet trust me to guide them through their problems. You could say that I recognize the difference in their genetics and personality traits almost instantly.   Pleiadians' have a softer,  more in touch with their feminine side than most. 

Many of them don't like to see animals abused or caged, they love nature, they can be extremely talkative and excellent communicators very social creatures.  Some have to overcome fear of speaking their mind and worry about other judging them but when mastered they are very impressive. They can be very artistic and very helpful towards others.  My introduction to the Pleiadian energy has been an interesting contrast to my own.  It is interesting though, I am not sure if it is due to their contrasting energy but I have an overwhelming desire to protect them.

The pictures below are of "Pleiadian aliens"   There is one photograph taken by an Italian contactee who was allowed to take pictures but not make them public for a minimum of 11 years.....

I have of course found my own...but I am  including a link to some more information regarding Pleiadian traits

here I am adding a link to the book that this photo comes ...he speaks of the pleiadians and the message they gave him  called:

Beyond the Heavens: A Story of Contact

 By Maurizio Cavallo

Friday, January 4, 2013

What is in a name??...

There are so many different aspects of the “Hidden One’s” name. I have given many examples. Perhaps one of the most important is this…. It is not a name…it is a symbolic idea… A “name “ creates separation….it sets me apart from you, from all that is. It is a necessary aspect of this 3-d illusion that the earth school is.  To be “ the light, freedom, bridge to –the symbol of life everlasting/heaven—Cindy Carolina Puente-Palma” is who I am in this life, but in reality…my real true self has no name because I am not separate from you and you are not separate from me. We are all ONE and so when the light shines, when all eyes are on me…my true-self is hidden in plain sight… while most of the world sees “CYNDI”… the reality is I am a part of the whole – ONENESS principal of all that is. So for all those that have yet to understand that there is no separation we are in fact all ONE .. I will remain the “Hidden aspect of the ONE”… “THE HIDDEN ONE”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am you and you are me...

Not frightened by the destruction watching my world shatter
these words are like scissors tearing down the walls
I am cut free from the illusion reunited with all that is
armed with divine truth, the very essence of my being
I hold out my hand and step towards all that matters

Who am I really…Unsure of what to do
Your fury grows as I go against all that you know
Is it knowing or not knowing what role I play
What angers you most …the blinding light
the dawning of awareness the changes of everything you knew?

What could it be…Have you lost or have you found
The beast or the angel the darkness or the light?
Don’t you see the confines held within your perception?
Freedom lies within reach …enhance your views
Dare to see the world unbound

These words are my soul laid out for all to see
You stand there in judgment…Realization like lightening
blurring the lines of the divide...I set fire to the barrier…
exposing my naked soul...So that you may know
that within the light I am you and you are me

The missing wallet…

I used to work in a place where you needed a key card to get into a garage and the building I worked in.  I would keep mine in my wallet so that I would always have it.  Often times I would forget my purse somewhere but generally never forget my wallet.  That morning as usual the garage stays open in the morning so as not to let traffic back up.  The pass thing was something I used more so at lunch time when the gate was down.

So the day I couldn’t find my wallet in my purse, it didn’t surprise me.  I must have left it in my car no big deal.  I run back through the building down to the garage and to my car.  I search high and low every seat under the seat next to the car every where NOTHING!  So I think ok I left it at home?  I decide at lunch time to go home.

I drive all the way back to Bethesda, get home search high and low and NOTHING.  I checked everywhere even the freezer!  Can you imagine under beds, a myriad of purses, in closets I mean if it existed I looked.
Losing a wallet wouldn’t be such a big deal, everything can be replaced.  The problem was I was having surgery the next day and the only thing I needed was ID. 

I called the hospital and they said good luck I hope you find it otherwise we will have to post pone the procedure.  MAN!! So I sit down on my couch, exasperated not knowing what else to do. I made every call asked if they had seen it and no one had turned it in either. I let out a deep sigh, held my head between my hands…

When it happened.  As naturally as if I had done it countless times before. “I called all angels, every single last one …from corner to corner, seraphim… cherubim archangels and all …and I said.. I need you to find this wallet, I need it now, make it turn up and I don’t care how”  Funny never don’t it before…after I did it I thought what a silly little thing to do. Smiled to myself  thinking how ridiculous the image of legions of angels at my beck and call...shaking head. Must have been really desperate to try that! I had completely lost all hope and walked down to my car to drive back to work.

It was then that I opened the door, and there it was right on the driver’s seat.  Plain as day,  if it had been a snake it would have bitten me!!  WOW I thought, you guys really did come through!!!!  There is no way it was there the whole time. Because that would mean that I would have sat on it when I started to drive, not to mention the way I tore the car apart in the garage before driving home.

The whole time I couldn’t help but smile, the realization hit me all at once. I had the ability to call angels and they could do things that I couldn’t yet…. I  have no idea why, if it is specifically something only I can do?   What possessed me in that moment to do what I did when I had never done that before.  Or is it something that everybody can do and not know it yet? :O) 

Just think of the possibilities….in loving service to all …THE HIDDEN ONE.  NAMASTE