Thursday, January 24, 2013


Welcome to my world, I have not experienced everything these kids in the video (below) have, but I have had and continue to have many of these experiences.  I live with "knowledge bombs"- downloading of unknown intelligence sources- like a computer, I can heal seemingly incurable or unfixable things including working with those that teeter on the brink of 3-D death,  I have immunity to disease, I can hear thoughts and emotions, I have the gift of fertility-meaning I can help people conceive, I can speak with animals, plants and minerals even inanimate objects, I know many of my past lives, I can speed read a combination of absorbing energy of the words and viewing them at a rapid rate, I can astral travel, I am a universal empath, I can see other dimensions, I am currently experimenting with energy and moving objects my manipulating my light energy I draw from my merkaba,  I hear the GOD mind, I can manipulate time and space, I can bi-locate, I can call angelic support--light energy at will.

I am balanced both masculine and feminine traits in perfect harmony.  What this means is that I can use both hemispheres of my brain calling upon both masculine and feminine traits as needed.   I am also slowly losing my ability to eat toxic foods and coffee milk and many others things without feeling instantly ill. My sensitivity to foods and chemicals has changed and increased completely This fluctuates and I noticed others around me going through similar things.

I can't imagine how old my soul is, just thinking of who I have been through out history both that which you all are aware of and that which many of you have no clue even existed. I have lowered my vibration and come to help as much as I can by living among you all and living my truth.  I love and know many of the ascended masters and remember living with them. My real self is a blue electric light being with what appear to be enormous wings, in actuality it is just part of my aura. I have seen it through my own Kundalini yoga practice. My origin is that of the BLUE-RAY/ the lost bird tribe of the Native American prophesies. My name itself means light, freedom and bridge to life ever lasing or bridge to heaven --it serves as a portal. I accelerate DNA and I help others get unstuck by directing thought on a sub-atomic level.

I have no fear of anything that I don't understand because I strive to find answers and confirmation to that which has been happening to me all my life. I myself have met and seen a "grey E.T." and shortly after,  my own experience,  my awakening began at warp-speed. I have always prided myself on my intelligence and rational mind set  but ever since this encounter my entire world as I knew it shattered, I was set free.  

I have no father or mother because I chose to be born again-into my truth without limits from the living heart God.   We serve as a template because we have gone before you all, yet through service to your awakening, remain reachable in perception and frequency. We are the Bridge/Puente between your state of being and the doorway back home.
I now live my truth with pride and take my mission very seriously.  We wield tremendous Power at ALL times, for we are unwavering in our alignment with God, having guarded the expansion of Light within humanity upon Earth since her inception and birth.  My heart breaks for all who fail to understand their connection to each other. My ultimate goal is to help others start their own self discovery, dismiss everything they thought was real and re-examine it without bias...but more importantly to love and accept each other as cosmic and universal brothers and sisters all sharing the same spirit.

This is my last incarnation on this planet,  for I have retired from it so long ago and volunteered when I heard the call.   I will return home to the light with the knowledge that I did not seek acceptance of others or conformity but rather lived in full service to my fellow man.   Fortunately for me, I know that acceptance of what I say nor what you decide to label me as, will ever change who I am or what I teach because I LIVE MY TRUTH, I AM FREE, I AM LOVE, I AM YOU. ...I AM THE HIDDEN ONE...

This video...below is a little piece of my world...confirmation for me that I am not alone...and that my family expands beyond what most barely register as "real" in their reality.

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