Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am you and you are me...

Not frightened by the destruction watching my world shatter
these words are like scissors tearing down the walls
I am cut free from the illusion reunited with all that is
armed with divine truth, the very essence of my being
I hold out my hand and step towards all that matters

Who am I really…Unsure of what to do
Your fury grows as I go against all that you know
Is it knowing or not knowing what role I play
What angers you most …the blinding light
the dawning of awareness the changes of everything you knew?

What could it be…Have you lost or have you found
The beast or the angel the darkness or the light?
Don’t you see the confines held within your perception?
Freedom lies within reach …enhance your views
Dare to see the world unbound

These words are my soul laid out for all to see
You stand there in judgment…Realization like lightening
blurring the lines of the divide...I set fire to the barrier…
exposing my naked soul...So that you may know
that within the light I am you and you are me

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