Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Repercussions of our Actions…

There are certain universal laws that are absolute. By this I mean whether you understand them or not they will always work, in and out of time, they just are and forever will be true. So today I will write about the karmic repercussion of our actions and the effect they have on us as a whole and as individual.

I feel compelled to write about our connection to each other. Perhaps it is a small effort to get you all to understand why we really must begin to grasp and fully embrace the universal law of ONE and understand the law of cause and effect, in order to transcend the root of all evil-Ignorance. Ignorance can be defined -as lack of knowledge, awareness or education, in essence the state of being uninformed.

The law of cause and effect teaches us that every action has an equal reaction…physical evidence of this can be seen in the way that we would pull back a pendulum, let it go and watch it swing back in the opposite direction. This law is better known as Karma. Where we get back only that which we put out. I suppose this may have a little to do with where humanity got the ignorant idea that God punishes us somehow and so we must stay in line or feel his wrath. The truth is that our reality can be viewed as punishment or bliss both being a direct reflection of our actions, thoughts, beliefs and or speech.

The law of ONE being another example of absolute truth. It states that we live in a world in which everything is connected to each other, in such a way that everything we think believe and do affects us as a universal whole. At the core of our very essence, we are all made of the same “light/ spirit /god/ consciousness” regardless of whether we are mineral, star, planet, plant, animal, human or humanoid. This can also be viewed in such a way that when we feel hatred towards another human being we are truly hating on some aspect of ourselves. When we act against another we are in fact hurting ourselves. All acts of revenge will only result in an endless and never ending cycle that can only be overcome by understanding our connections to each other.

The individual body is not who we really are, this shell can be either male or female, may have white or black skin, be Hispanic or Asian, be Muslim or Jewish, born in Arkansas or Zimbabwe, it may even be Blue or Grey, at the end of the day it is nothing more than a temporary shell that allows us to adapt to the environment that we currently live in. We have forgotten that the differences in the outer shell, the bio suit is not what defines us but rather that which holds in what we really are and unites us all to one another, our spirit, a piece of that which we call God. In the same way that a cup may temporarily hold a bit of the ocean inside of it. The ocean water never stops being ocean water regardless of where the cup came from, what kind of cup it is or even what color it is. This is a simple analogy in which the cup is your physical body or vessel and the ocean is your true spirit essence, which many call God.

Both the law of cause and effect and the law of one are so intrinsically tied to the moment to moment experiences that can attach and identify with the false assumptions leading to all potential suffering and struggles in our daily lives. It is in the lack of understanding our connection to each other, that we lose sight of the consequences of our actions. The repercussions have a pendulum like effect that can either be a wrecking ball of destructive force or an uplifting and unifying tangible love force that can be felt by all.

As a “universal empath” these truths are engraved in my soul like a tattoo. Even when I voice my dissatisfaction or dislike towards another’s behavior or feel repulsed by differences in energetic vibrations at the end of the day I am never allowed to forget that even the people standing on the other end of my own subjective code of ethics are connected to me. I have even come to understand how uncomfortable the opposite vibration makes me feel. I recently understood this as my own shadow work. The idea being that my own negative emotional knee-jerk reaction is a direct reflection of my opposition to that which I consider lower density vibrations or untruths. To be honest the act of going against what I believe actually physically hurts me because as an emapth I feel the resulting hurt, pain, disappointment and or anger of both the victim and the aggressor. The discomfort or distaste is my own resistance to the things so opposite of the peace and satisfaction that comes from helping and uplifting others.

I have a tendency to stand up for what I believe in and feel resistance towards purposeful acts of bullying, lies, racism, sexual bias or harassment but more importantly turning a blind eye to these things. You could say that I believe that evil acts may be fixable but purposeful apathy towards another persons pain is not. I am perhaps guilty of being too honest, voicing my truths whether people like it or not. I stand up before you all unashamed of who I am and or what I believe in, I share my thoughts, my life, my views and respect what I learn from others. I tend to speak up and make my dissatisfaction obvious but that does not in any way mean that I have forgotten the connection in us all. It has taking me time to discover the uselessness of fighting against that which we may not always agree on and even longer to not falter from standing in my truth.

Even though I am not always successful at keeping my anger or my initial knee-jerk reaction in check. I am learning to embrace this shadow in such a way that it becomes insignificant as a direct correlation of non-emotional acceptance of it.  As Martin Luther King once said, “hate can not drive hate only love can do that” When I am faced with these knee-jerk emotions, it takes a quite a lot of discipline on my behalf to remember that love and kindness have a healing power capable of restoring the balance. When I act and behave in accordance to my truths, raise my vibration towards all things perceived good and or bad, those things that do not match shall fall away. I suppose you could say I fully embrace the idea that karma is only bitch if you are, so I made her my best friend instead.

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