Sunday, January 20, 2013


I want to discuss something that has been on my mind lately.  This in no way means to attack anyone specifically; it is just something I need you all to think about.  The first one will be directed towards women and the second one will be directed towards men….

How many of you have ever felt completely and totally pissed off when you hear of a woman who has been bullied, raped or sexually harassed in any way and when they asked for help they were treated as if either it is there fault or they are making it up as some sort of vendetta, basically crying wolf in order to get back at a man they are angry at?  Making it seems as if women have no where to turn when they really need help.  INFURIATING isn’t it?   Wow what if I told you that women were at fault for this? 

Now before you get incredibly mad at me because perhaps you yourself have been in this situation, I will explain what I mean.  There are some women who have in their past made up stories, there are others who felt ashamed of their actions and cry rape rather than confront reality.  How many times does this happen to celebrities, when a woman fishing for money will make up some horrendous story, knowing that the celebrity in question has a reputation that is directly equated to their future career and income, then  uses this for leverage?  We don’t even have to go that big for example, I know of one that was recently kicked out of the military because not only did she do this once before,  prior to going in, she did it again while serving.  Now I am not attacking her,  I just want to point something out.  It is very simple, she may be paying dearly for the consequences of her actions but so is every man and woman on this plane as we are all connected through the law of ONE. 

What I am trying to say is simple, this act committed by one individual created a reaction to something that going forward needed to be addressed.   So now every woman whether they are telling the truth or not must be put through an inquisition to ensure that what they are saying is true.  Now imagine how many knowingly act out as an individual never once taking into account how we all pay.   The law of One is one of those things that works regardless of whether we understand it or not. 

Women can continue to knowingly commit acts that they will pay for in the end but the real question should then be…how would you feel if it is your daughter, your sister, your best friend who is now placed in this situation as a consequence of your individual choice?   Imagine if you will, your own daughter who is telling the truth, completely inconsolable, made to feel  as if there is no where to turn?  Hesitant to speak up because she knows that she will be shamed first?  Her creditability in question made to relive the horrible situation over and over again until the people that are supposed to be helping her can be assured she is telling the truth? 

Everyone shares the burden, this is a  true example of how one person can effect the whole through the law of ONE.  So now we have choice we can take this understanding and strive to always act in a manner that will create change not only in ourselves but in the lives of everyone else OR  we can continue to pay for these things until we figure it out…


  1. Fantastic. Continue to follow your truth. This is great for people to read.


  2. thanks Havent thought of this in a while.....perhaps I will put it on blast...on for thought