Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The creations myths were all created as a means to help primitive man relate to its origins and history. The vernacular varies only in the way it is presented to the populace. The allegorical structure used, were a necessary means to help the cultures understand the concepts to the best of their ability. However it is high time that we expand our own understanding leaving behind the primitive conceptual ideas that have held on for so long. I would like to think we have developed the ability to transcend the primitive explanation.

It is the Elohim that created us in their image. …the ELOHIM- Elohim (אֱלֹהִ֔ים) is a grammatically singular or plural noun for "god" or "gods" in both modern and ancient Hebrew language. Calling them the “creator gods” or the “Christ consciousness matrix” " highest form of angel" or any other clever named used to relate is not of importance. Regardless of your understanding this matrix system is still derived from one source of consciousnesses. I just want to make sure to point that out…everything derived from the ONE source. Yes I am aware I am repeating myself.

The idea explained below…

"As consciousness split itself, into 13, one its origin and 12 beings to hold a resonance for the universe. These 12 beings had individual awareness, plus an inherent need to search and learn about consciousness. (Hence the desire to know thyself, purpose and god) This began our individual expression of the whole. Origin enjoyed seeing different parts of itself doing things that it had absolutely no knowledge about. Each of the 12 Entities created as many universes as He/She/It needed to gain experience and evolve. They created the basic building blocks that have allowed worlds to unfold. They maintain the integrity of the system ensuring that the fabric is not ripped, torn or shred and that things run smoothly within the boundaries of their creation."

To accept this would mean that you are including both Sons and Daughters of the source and that everything derives from the original 12 well technically 13. I am speaking of the mother/father creator of our creator. Our creator split itself as Origin one side being Creator, and the other being the many billions of souls in a number of universes in a number of dimensions. In such a way that ORIGIN/SOURCE has both a singular and connective consciousness.

These are the Gods/Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Greece and so on and so on. They are the prophets of the bible spoke to when they spoke with YHWH. Of these 12 perhaps the most familiar would be Jesus. That is where the idea so he loved the world …blah blah came from. Buddhist understand this, they explain the idea as a Bodhisattva. Melchizedek and many others were part of the original ELOHIM. Hence why the references although quite distorted by time are still part of many sacred teachings.

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