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There is a feminine aspect of the divine known as the "mystery teachings“, the wisdom of God, the "Love" of God, the breath of God, the spirit of God, the light of God etc, etc.   It is known to few as the teachings of THE ESSENES.  Jesus studied with the Essenes, who had taught the mystery teachings to the few that had the capacity to accept it as their truth.  They did not follow traditional Jewish laws, in fact you could call what they followed the “the missing pieces of the teachings”  He was so radically different in his stance and complete disregard for what was widely accepted as the law or the only truth that he was later crucified for attempting to teach things his way. 

He taught the deeper meaning of parables, he taught dance and song, prayer, meditation and individual relationships with God.  He taught us what the myths actually meant and in no way meant to imply that it was what it appeared on the surface.   He taught that there was no need for any kind of intercession as the kingdom of God is found within us all, therefore making us equal to Jesus and God.  We are pieces of the source just as Jesus himself was a piece of God, the only difference is that he knew and embraced the idea where as all others put GOD outside of themselves in the sky somewhere.

It was in fact what Jesus came to teach us in his time, he came to reconnect the missing pieces, he attempted to make women equal and teach us that GOD, THE SOURCE, THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, THE BREATH OF GOD, THE WISDOM OF GOD was in fact his mother and his father, two aspects of the same source from which he and all things originate.   Proof of this is found in the statement he made when he was asked of his origins and his response:  We have come from the LIGHT, where the LIGHT originated through itself. The Mother is the LIGHT, where the light has originated through ITSELF” the ITSELF being the Father.  In fact one of the questions I have often asked myself is, ‘could the idea of the Immaculate conception- the virgin birth and all the associated myths, be an attempt to understand or explain the source of all things from which the original division began?’ 

Again it is not something I have proof of, merely one of the many questions that come up throughout my quest. I once wrote a blog called “MY FALL FROM GRACE” It was about how I lost and found God. It was about the beginning of my awakening.  The title was based on one of my own questions.  Is it possible that the “fallen angels” are e a symbolic representation of man’s own separation of the source?  The evil/ dark being an opposing force of what is considered Good or light?   In essence one of many paths that can be taken in which the idea that the separation is necessary in order to find your way back home.  I once said that without having purposely walked away from God/ my source/ the source of all things, I would not be able to find my way back.  I learned this from one of Paulo Coelho’s books.  It stuck with me as it resonated so perfectly with me at the time.

During my own quest I have uncovered so many hidden meanings that I had never noticed before.  One such example can be found in the real symbolic meaning of the apocalypse and the great spiritual war we undertake in order to find our way back to our source. The idea that the teachings are not referring to the end of the world but rather the end of the polarity, the destruction or rebirth being an individual choice. Other things such as the hidden references to inner and outer temples that are actually referring to our right and left hemispheres of our brain, a physical representation of the sub conscious and conscious abilities hence why it is referred to as a PHYSICAL building. The veil then becomes the third ventricle of your brain the doorway to heaven if you will.   References to not needing any tools to build the temple because it is made in silence would be a symbolic representation of meditation. The winding stairs to the doorway would be the awakening of your spiral DNA’s movement up your spine, what Hindus call the KUNDALINI.

Just as the many creations myths were an attempt to explain our origins to the population in a way that they could understand based on their own culture and time period.  There are so many other things hidden in plain sight found everywhere in all teachings.  I have come to realize that the connection between science and spiritually as one and the same aspect of itself.    So you see, my original question regarding the Immaculate Conception, is not without obvious set precedence. 

These teachings have almost been completely eradicated from our history books.  It has created an incomplete picture of the balance found in all things.  It has created a disconnect in humanity, turning women healers into witches and devil worshipers, it has made women less than equal counterparts to all men, it has stolen much of our nurturing aspects of humanity.  Yet many cultures held steadfast to its mystery teachings, held the space where we could one day reunite with our understanding of what the Jewish faith call the “shekinah” or what Christians call the “HOLY SPIRIT” 

Interesting isn’t it how small of a part most women play in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths.  How women’s wisdom of the healing arts became a threat instead of a blessing.  How a once misunderstood concept of procreation once considered a sacred and beautiful thing became so dirty and unclean women had to be made “VIRGINS” in order to birth the God’s of their faith.  How is it possible that the sacred teachings of the divine mother became something so badly misinterpreted that it was turned into something considered to be “dirty, evil or witchcraft”

At what point did we not make the connection that women are equal counterparts to men?  Each having their own strengths and weakness compliment the other perfectly to create the balance that so many of us are missing?  Why is it that telling people that the “holy spirit” is the mother of us all just as the Source is our father, does it cause such opposition?  Hasn’t anyone ever looked around and considered the make up of  everything in this world? Everything from the study of ALCHEMY-being only complete when two halves are incorporated into the whole.  One side being a science and the other being an esoteric and hidden spiritual teaching that compliments it so perfectly, that full understanding and mastery is not achieved without both halves.  This balance is found in all things such as the study of martial arts and its hidden spiritual connections, the masculine feminine energy of procreation, even something as simple as batteries lining up in perfect (+) and (-) aspects in order to work.

What you all call the “NEW TESTAMENT” regardless of what version you follow has not only been butchered by time, misinterpreted or mistranslated gravely misunderstood by the people or group opposing these teachings they have convinced you that this is all there is and anyone not in agreement shall not be saved!   Jesus referred to this group as SATAN- or as it was meant in his time “THE OPPOSING FORCE” not the horned, fire, breathing damnation devil people think of.

There are many who take this stance such as Teal Scott who also mentions the idea of demons being a manifestation of our own disconnect from the source.  In other words the separation being so far from the LIGHT that it has become DARK or EVIL.  We are so powerful of a creator that our own thoughts were able to manifest this “BOOGEY MAN.”  The idea that people resist this so called “DEVIL” is of no use really because they believe in it so strongly that they themselves have created the “DEVIL” of their reality.  I once had a disagreement with a young man because I explained to him that the “devil/Satan” is not part of my belief system therefore has absolutely no power over me. He was so unhappy that I didnt agree with him, he started attacking me and calling me stupid and whatever else he could come up with.  He insisted we had to save everyone from the big ol' scary BOOGEYMAN...   Obviously I had nothing to prove and I realized his battle is his own.  My beliefs do not line up with his.  This young man can take as long as he likes to battle his own demons and figure his way.

I on the other hand have come to understand that I am the warrior that has faced all demons of my own making and triumphed. I am of the light, and the light trumps over all darkness.  This is what makes me free and gives me the ability to serve as ’CINDY- CAROLINA - PUENTE - PALMA‘--  the LIGHT- FREE- 'HU'-MAN - BRIDGE - to the symbol of life ever lasting/ heaven. My name carries with it my own activation or understanding of what my purpose is in this life. The vibration it carries means something very different to me than it does to all others. For it is in the hidden meaning, the feminine vibration that defines it, that enables me to find my purpose in this life time.

So I share my findings, not in the hopes that you will agree but rather start your own search. I have come to realize that my own confirmation that all paths derive from the same source, that there is no division except that which we create ourselves. The process of testing out my own theories, has allowed me the great pleasure of piecing together a puzzle, in which the pieces are a representation of all things in this universe. A puzzle that does not separate a Muslim from a Jew, A Christian from a Pagan, a black man from a white man, a witch from a doctor, or even science from religion. I am learning to see that seemingly opposing forces are two aspects of the same coin. It is a puzzle that once pieced together removes all self imposed barriers from humanity and unites us all as ONE.

In loving service to all " THE HIDDEN ONE"

I found this video after I wrote my blog..It completes more of the thoughts I had, explained in a different way.  I completely resonate with is perhaps my favorite SPIRIT SCIENCE VIDEO YET...


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