Saturday, January 5, 2013

My personal introduction to Pleiadian Traits

Lately I have met a lot of starseeds from the Pleiades star system. Many who have no concept who they really are and yet trust me to guide them through their problems. You could say that I recognize the difference in their genetics and personality traits almost instantly.   Pleiadians' have a softer,  more in touch with their feminine side than most. 

Many of them don't like to see animals abused or caged, they love nature, they can be extremely talkative and excellent communicators very social creatures.  Some have to overcome fear of speaking their mind and worry about other judging them but when mastered they are very impressive. They can be very artistic and very helpful towards others.  My introduction to the Pleiadian energy has been an interesting contrast to my own.  It is interesting though, I am not sure if it is due to their contrasting energy but I have an overwhelming desire to protect them.

The pictures below are of "Pleiadian aliens"   There is one photograph taken by an Italian contactee who was allowed to take pictures but not make them public for a minimum of 11 years.....

I have of course found my own...but I am  including a link to some more information regarding Pleiadian traits

here I am adding a link to the book that this photo comes ...he speaks of the pleiadians and the message they gave him  called:

Beyond the Heavens: A Story of Contact

 By Maurizio Cavallo

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