Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Path, Our Journey, Our Birthright

What I am about to say has shock value….. You all must understand that I am a light warrior. I am not just a light worker so I am not about fluffy bunnies and love and hugs always…. I value these things but within me resides a balance. That balance requires stating uncomfortable truths and well that is what we do. So here goes…what you all need to realize is simple…All religions have been manipulated torn apart and reprogrammed from its original intention. When I say all I do mean ALL.

Have any of you ever given any consideration to why there are so many love hate relationships with church and or organized religion. Why most of us run in the opposite direction when a Jehovah’s witness or Pentecostal knocks on your door and or hands you a pamphlet? The truth is most of feel some truths in the doctrines attempt to connect to GOD and then some how end up feeling empty still. Why if we are taught that the connection is everything are most of you all not happy, not completely fulfilled as it states we should be? Why if we have so called faith and do all the things we are told earns us a place in his so called KINGDOM, are people still not feeling complete? Why if you believe in the BIG SKY DADDY, the minute you have a death in the family do you even question if there is a heaven?

THE DISCONNECT is real and it is purposely placed there. What we need to learn is to be able to siphon through the bullshit and find the truth. Things like the destruction of the earth, choosing one type of religion over the other, God playing favorites, punishment for so called sins, the big SKY DADDY who is too busy to care about you and takes pity on your lowly self …..because you are all unworthy sinners….NEED TO BE THROWN OUT THE WINDOW! All the various paradoxes that just do not add up, that simply don’t fit and yet we somehow try to justify it in our minds.

For example has anyone ever given any thought to how some of us worship a torturing device, wear it around our necks, hang it our cars, idolize plaques all depicting one of the most despicable acts of INHUMANE cruelty known to man? We drink symbolic blood and eat symbolic flesh all in effort to what CONNECT WITH GOD?!@#$%^….? Seriously how barbaric can we get? Why instead of Love and Tolerance do we promote judgment and crucifixion?

Connecting to GOD, ALAH, GANESH, BUDDHA, THE CREATOR, THE GREAT SPIRIT, THE UNIVERSE, JESUS, THE HOLY GHOST, QUAN YIN, (INSERT NAME HERE) is our God given birth right to seek our path and our truth. It is not our job to coerce another into believing “OUR WAY” It is not our job to tell people they will not be saved if it is not our way. These agendas of separation, judgment, salvation through separation are our enemy’s agenda…and we do not have to play this game anymore.

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