Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TRUTH, seek it and ye shall find it

If people knew about our history being manipulated...If people knew that the bible has been trashed and that more truth can be heard out of a child's mouth than a sermon....if people knew their govt used assassinations, bullying, mind control, money time travel, and omission of truth all to their advantage...all to keep them in the dark....twisted everyone's perception to their advantage only, they would not be so GUNGHO to swear and protect the supposed only true word of God.

They would not be so quick to kill each other and turn on one another tell them they will burn in hell for not repenting....claiming end o the world and it has been written. haaaaa!!! Yes it has been written, all as the biggest LIE in history ...and for years the truth has been right in front of you waiting for you to be awake enough to search for it...Beyond what you have been TOLD awaits a whole world out there ...Yes it shatters your reality, yes you will feel betrayed but the sooner you rip the blindfold off the better you will feel....

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