Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Death, the continuation of a journey, not the end of one!

If you all notice....I speak often of what you all call the death process. As we move into this new vibration on this planet, there are many who can not continue this journey, they are simply not equipped in their current body to continue. What you all are seeing is many of our loved ones , depart and you all feel a great sense of pain and loss only because you all understand this process from your current point of view only.
I have often said that death is merely a transition into a new state of being and that we do in fact return...in my case we choose when where and how and actually remember it, but here on earth...many do not remember this and have no way of verifying it until we are in fact on what you all tend to call the other side.
Today however I came across this Arcturian perspective...and considering I had never seen it before, I couldn't help but notice how similar the message is. So I thought I would post their words instead...This is for those people and I know many of you all seeking solace and having trouble with this process now. You all are not the first or the last that seek me out during this time...however with much love this message is for you .....

"There is no such thing as a finite life. We all live on forever, but when we are in form our bodies do not exist forever. We choose when to move into physical form and when to move out of physical form. You do this as well although for you it is done at a deeper level and you are not aware of these choices. We have total awareness of these choices. This is a part of the remembering process we spoke about in our earlier transmissions. You are closely approaching this state as well.
Yes, we do choose to change our form and our life experience when it is time to further expand. When we feel that we’ve experienced and learned all we can about our current focus, then we move onto another. It is always a celebration of life expansion. We do not suffer or feel sad about the shedding of our physical suits or what you call death. There is no such thing as death, only expansion.
Because we are all One, it is natural to feel fear when a part of the one is leaving. Only your mind prevents you from knowing and understanding that you are never alone, you can never be away from the ones you love and you are always connected."

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