Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I first realized who I really was, where I came from and why all of sudden everything UNEXPLAINED suddenly…MADE SENSE!!!!! The first thing I did was explain this to someone I consider very special. Someone that has not awakened yet however is known for his open mind. His reaction “ yes you have special abilities, yes you are different that is for sure but ALIEN ORIGINS, I don’t know about that…. you are just a higher being more evolved somehow?” that was the gist of his comment and I smiled and left it alone. For I knew right then, that he was not awake and I used to think just like him. Something to the tune of, “I am different, I can do things others can’t right now…and man STARSEEDS are cool, I wish I was one too!”

But I digress, my message is simple and to the point today, with the mainstream media blasting us every day with people claiming alien abductions, visitations, UFO sightings, military finally releasing secrets and NASA astronauts finally admitting we are not alone…I can honestly say we are making progress towards full disclosure. The more you all become bombarded with images the more comfortable you become with the idea…”that we are not alone” I want you all to know that this is planned…and this is their way of not shocking and terrifying the public.

Now that said, you all should know that not only have “aliens” shaped our history, intervened and helped our DNA along, we are walking among you every day. We are your superstars celebrities sports, actors, musicians and the like…. We are your every day people your government considered both good and bad, we are your friends …we are even hidden among the stars…disguised as stars but we are not.

We have been here for eons upon eons…but more importantly …we are the ones that deposited life on earth. We are what is known as a Life Modification Planet. Of the billions of other life forms in this universe, only 61 are currently similar to earth. You see life is deposited and started everywhere however very little leeway is allowed and they must evolve on their own. This is not the case on earth, this is what is known as “an experimentation planet” What this means is that LIFE CARRIERS/Et(s) are permitted to undertake certain life experiments in an effort to improve the standard of living beings.

I have a wonderful and dear cousin that was raised alongside the bible and her most recent comment to me was “but God created us before the aliens” that is a very sweet thought, it is like saying the “sun revolves around the earth” Neither are true but it is not my job to tell her this, she will figure it out soon enough. I guess what I am trying to say here is that acceptance of an alien presence and what role they played in Earth’s history is about to become widely known. Your beliefs as they were taught to you, are about to be shattered and your outlook will never be the same.

This is not the first time it has happened in fact, many other civilizations have gone before us they have ascended and have joined the collective Christ minded ET’s millions of years before earth has. Why am I telling you this, well easy, because as these days draw nearer, I want you all to know that this is all planned, we are here to assist and you are and have never been alone.  NAMASTE your friendly neighborhood ARCTURIAN and friend Cyndi
or for those of you that really get it "THE HIDDEN ONE"

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