Thursday, August 23, 2012

Being "AWAKE" what does that mean??

Being " AWAKE" what a funny sounding term yet hundreds of thousands of people claim to be it and say you are not...have you noticed that?  Being "awake" is not only about being in the "know " of all the "conspiracy theories" out there.  It is not only about knowing that aliens exist, medical coverups, federal reserve banks or who the Rothschild's are.  It isn't even about knowing that there is no such thing as American independence and that you are still owned by the British crown in an excellent modernized feudal system. Nor is it only about knowing your ancient history and realizing how much religion has been used against you instead of for you.  It isn't about knowing who the cabal is, 33rd degree Masons are or what the Illuminati do. 
 NO!!!! being "awake" is much deeper than that and most people out there claiming to be "Awake" because they think they know that Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed were ET'S or didn't exist at all or perhaps they were created by the VATICAN to enslave you ...don't realize that.  See knowing or thinking you know what is going on is only half the battle.  Because even though I agree that you cant know where you are going if you don't know what your history is and how it is used against you, there is something bigger at stake here folks!!
You want to know the difference between these great big evil "mass controlling Elite" and ourselves????....oh it is so simple... THEY KNOW HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. They know the fundamental laws that always work and use them to their advantage.  They probably even realized that one day you would "awaken" and start to question these things.  One day you would search and become and expert on how their manipulation works and be outraged.  Honestly they didn't really hide it that much in fact many of these "SO CALLED LEAKS" are more than likely planned.
Why you ask? that is simple because if you understood the laws of the would know that all that attention and negative emotion you all place on "being in the know"  will only serve to extend their power over you.  So while you are feeding on "false light agendas" and waiting for saviors, and complaining about how others do not know half as much as you do .... YOU ARE ONLY GROWING MORE OF THIS REALITY!!! and boy do you all do that well....serve the people you all most despise!
So here is the is something you all should consider... It is time is time to stop feeding their agenda...and develop ourselves ....I often wonder how it is that we are supposed to change the world if we do not even take the time to realize how it works? Stop waiting for a savior and develop your own knowledge.  I do not mean what you have already discovered either,  I mean develop an understanding of the fundamental universal laws.   Discover what it is that they have over you and use THAT to change the world.  It is time to develop your understanding of what is meant by frequency, vibration.  We need to realize that every time we say  " I hate this" "or this sucks" "or what can I do I am stuck in the system anyway" "INSERT COMPLAINT OR NEGATIVE EMOTION HERE" we simply create more of this.  Know that there are 11 universal laws that work without fail and understand how you create your own reality and become your own savior, create the reality we long for, heaven on earth and stop giving your power away.


  1. Thanks for sharing this syndi. Your absolutely right. But what are the the 11 laws you speak of sweetheart?

  2. ahhh I am glad you ask there are 11 and I will list them briefly here...figuring out what they mean will be for another blog....
    here they are for your convenience feel free to look them up ;o)

    The Law of Vibration
    The Law of Action
    The Law of Attraction
    The Law of Receiving
    The Law of Correspondence
    The Law of Cause and Effect
    The Law of Non-Resistance
    The Law of Forgiveness
    The Law of Compensation
    The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
    The Law of Polarity

    there are actually more but I find knowing these to be very helpful.

  3. Wow. Thats a lot of laws. Thank you Syndi. I have been following your posts on facebook as they are the only ones that resonate with me the strongest. You are a very interesting and inspiring starseed. Thanks again for your service to humanity. Ps: Could you tell me where I could find some literature.on the 11 laws and what is your view on qabalah, particularly the golden dawn branch? Cheers