Thursday, January 22, 2015

The ancient ones have returned, they are here to set the records straight.  no more demonized fiction necessary, only pointing us back to the balance found within...
Hecate is the Dark Mother, in both the positive and the negative sense. She has many names: Hecate, Hekate, Most Lovely One, The Distant One, the hidden many ancients referred to her only as "The Nameless One."
Several symbols and objects are particularly associated with Hecate: The dog is the animal most commonly associated with Hecate, and She was sometimes addressed as the 'Black she dog'. She is often depicted with large dogs such as Danes. She is almost always shown carrying torches, very often has a knife, and may appear holding rope or scourge, a key, a phial, flowers or a pomegranate.
They say she can send demons to torment men's dreams, she can drive them mad, if they are not well integrated enough to cope with her, but to those who dare to welcome her, she brings creative inspiration.  
In truth, Hecate is deeply misunderstood in reality she is the goddess of psychological transformation. Her Underworld is the dark recesses of the human subconscious as well as that of the Cosmos. Many have accused her of sending demons to haunt the thoughts of individuals. What they fail to understand is that the demons are not hers, but their own. By the light of her twin torches Hecate only reveals what is already there. These are things which the person needs to see in order to heal and renew. However, if they are not prepared for the experience of confronting their Shadow then it can truly feel like they are being tormented. 
Hecate is not motivated by cruelty, nor is she seeking to harm. But her love can be tough love.  She will prompt a person to face the things that they must, whether they like it or not.  Hecate is the ultimate adviser, as she sees clearly back into the past through the present and on into the future. She is the Keeper of the Key to the Akashic Records. The final mysteries of life and the universe are hers.  She is the gentle Death Priestess who meets us at the end of our lives and guides us into the world of spirit.
Hecate was also known as angelos (angel) and phosphorus (light). In the myth of Kore-Persephone, Hecate does not interfere when the Maiden is dragged down into the underworld. Demeter is outraged and vengeful, but Hecate remains calm, knowing that certain things in life must come to pass and there is little point in becoming hysterical about them. This inner illumination (phosphorus) of consciousness, this learning to roll with the punches and then coming back to better things is the deep wisdom taught by the Dark Mother, the dark angel (angelos) of the collective unconscious.
This myth is as old as my soul.  Some of the best character building things can only be learned the hard way. Not losing our head and letting our loved ones knock themselves about, is all part of the process. Worrying shielding and or preventing these lessons does everyone a disservice.
I embrace and embody, every aspect of this awareness. Many women have tried and lost their battles to walk the line down the middle...unable to choose between the darkness and the light. This is where we go wrong, for it is not a choice the balance is found straight down the middle and strength to overcome can be derived from the balance.
How can I not love this aspect of me, to deny it would kill the beauty found in my Divine feminine soul. Hecate who has always been depicted with her dogs....she  has always been balanced polar opposites within.. Hecate the beautiful star-seed that has been ravaged by time and incoming solar God's..

She who was born of the Stars 
and who will remain 'til the end of time; 
Triple One, beautiful, awesome and wise - 
She who reigns in Sky over Earth and Sea. 
Bright Goddess who walks in darkness, 
She who stands at the crossroads 
of the Underworld with the Torch of Wisdom 
to light the souls on their path; 
She who watches over the witch 
wandering in the uncanny realms 
and protects the traveler. 
Goddess of Transformation, 
She who holds the Knife 
that cuts the cord from birth to life, 
and life to death; 
to you is sacred the snake 
which casts off its skin to live again, 
the black dog howling at the ever 
changing Moon and the eternal yew, 
which brings both life and death.

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