Friday, January 16, 2015

Serving those in need

People make mistakes all the time but allowing them to do so is part of the growing process. These are the necessary lessons that build character and develop who they will be in life. Attempting to hinder that process, not only handicaps those we love, it shows lack of faith in them. For a parent who is accustomed to keeping their children away from a hot stove, it is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. Allow your child to fall and have faith that they will pick themselves up. 
It is in those moments of darkness that can trap our loved ones that we can lose our heads and dive head first into the dark with them. Anything to save them from succumbing to the choices that do not serve them. But we cannot empathize with their condition whatever it maybe because despite our best intentions enabling any time away from the light does not serve anyone. Any and all efforts to “be there” and “support” those in need must come from a point of strength. 
This is not only true for parents but for light-workers and light-warriors. Many of us, myself included, have an ingrained desire to serve others, tattooed on our souls. It is simply what we do and we can’t help ourselves, but we must remember that it is not our job to save others. We are here to serve as examples, we can guide, we can give advice and when it is followed it helps, but we must remember, that when it is not followed, it also helps. 
These are the lessons that we must move out of the way for and let them figure it out the very same way we did, through trial and error. That is when it is necessary to step aside, and believe in the individuals’ strength, success and power to overcome. It is the only point of view that serves them. 
love every last person in need, those feeling trapped by abuse, their past, addictions, circumstances whatever the case may be but I can no longer feel sorry or bad about this. Feeding energy into that reality will only serve the darkness. From now on, all I can believe in the Godly state of perfection of every human being on this planet. That is my only truth and the only thing that will have a never ending source of power to overcome. 

Oh sisterWhat's wrong with your mind?You used to be so strong and stableMy sisterWhat made you fall from grace?I'm sorry that I was not there to catch youOh sisterThose lines etched in your handsThey're hardened and rough like a road map of sorrowMy sisterThere is a sadness on your faceYou're like a motherless child longing for comfortWhat's running through your veinsThat's causing you such pain?Does it have something to do with the pills they gave to you?What is eating at your soul?Was it the whispering ghosts that left you out in the cold?What have the demons done?With the luminous light that once shined from your eyesWhat makes you feel so aloneIs it the whispering ghostsThat you feared the mostThe blackness in your heart won't last foreverI know it's tearing you apart, but it's a storm you can weather


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