Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Over 500 years ago an accomplished poet and Persian Princess of the Mughal Empire that went by the Pen name THE HIDDEN ONE… wrote about the man she fell in love with. A passion so deep the man glance would pierce through her and unnerve her ….She realized in that moment that every fanatic looking for heavenly bliss through the uncompromising pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals were mistakenly going down the wrong road. It is not about promises of some happily ever after in some sort of afterlife, but about enjoying those passionate and incredible moments that life has to offer NOW. Everything holy resides in the heart and not in some sort of religious building. We can spend our lives suffering and squandering it away in pursuit of God or realize that God is right here within. There are no books that can adequately describe the powerful energy and excruciating beauty found in unconditional love. It was only until she met this man that she finally understood the true meaning of heavenly bliss. She would gladly wait forever for the tiniest morsel of time with this man, so as to share in this immense beauty. 
It is such a beautiful poem as it a lot of her work, I recognized my old work instantly. Her words were so powerful 500 years later she is still studied by the middle eastern, Islamic and Sufi culture. Just as I see myself in lots of my old lives…before I retired from this earthly plane. I was right back then and I am right now…when I say heavenly bliss is found within. Regardless of what points you inward, a relationship, life circumstances or the simple wisdom of an old soul…how you get there is irrelevant as long as the steps take us inward toward that understanding. 
Coming back here, coming to the understanding I have now, has been scary, painful and is now incredibly beautiful…worth every minute of every minor and insignificant lesson. So much so I feel sorry for those that I left behind, even though I know I shouldn’t. All people will find their way here, but I wish I could share the joy and peace I feel right now…. I found heaven, peace, God everything in myself in this energy nothing or no one will knock me off this blissful high. I am determined to hold this space for anyone that wishes to begin their own internal journey and realize how beautiful life can be once you are free. I have had to learn the hard way, I cannot save everyone and I shouldn't think of it as  a  waste of time by trying but rather take advantage of what I learn from every person and experience. 
For now I will remain thankful for every moment, every second of this new energy…this heavenly bliss. I need nothing, I have everything and yet I can barely describe the intensity of every moment. LIFE IS GOOD….GOD BLESS NOW AND ALWAYS THE HIDDEN ONE

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