Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Patience during our awakening

As you delve ever deeper into the true origins of your race, you are realizing that the establishments’ tales of human history are far too limiting and that they are filled with deception, glaring omissions and countless errors. You try to put the real picture together, attempting to decipher the tattered pages of ancient texts and the maps of your great ancestors but so little remains in the written record-a mere whisper of the winds of age. What little survived of the antediluvian record was systematically destroyed by soldiers and masked crusaders, who have been serving the power since so long ago that your contemporary cultures cannot imagine such expanses of time…much less remember them. Consider too, that countless volumes of the most significant material (those of which speak in detail of your true origins of your race and of the extraterrestrial forces that have influenced your development) were sequestered by the Authority and its secret societies, to be hoarded in the vaults of their private collections, far from the eyes of the common people. These things have been quietly passed down over generations from one covert hand to another always far from the public’s line of vision. Many great works of your ancestors are locked away to this very day…for the Power still believes that knowledge of Earths true history is theirs to deny you….Just as they have managed throughout your existence to conceal the truth of their conspiracy to control and suppress the human race, while raving this beautiful planet of all its riches.---- Patricia Cori
But that ends now, as more of more of awaken to the truth locked away in our DNA. We all play a role in this movement and we are doing a good job. Just try to remember to have patience for all that are still in the process of awakening. It does not serve us to yell or come across as nasty because they are not yet aware of what is going on. Remember prior to your awakening, how crazy you thought those “hippies “ “druggies” “believers in aliens” or “conspiracy theorist “ were. Try to remember a time when you would never consider that our own government would kill thousands in a fake terrorist attack, that they would not covertly disperse toxins in the air or want to keep us sick. That they would never purposely use the coffins of dead young Vietnam soldiers to place drugs in the hands of college kids and the streets, or that kids are taught their version of history and only those kids that choose to swallow the pill succeed in life. Just think of back to that time when you didn’t know any better and have patience for all those people that have yet to realize the severity of what is going on.
Remember everyone’s’ timing is their own I myself would not be awake if it had not been for a small grey alien. That little being, that I tried to research only to come across a bunch of garbage about how they were all evil…rather than the truth there is a little everything out there. That little being accelerated my sleeping DNA and changed who I am today. But I think back to that time and I wonder had that not happen to me, how many would get upset with me over my own ignorance. I use that word to say that I wouldn’t know half the things I know now, much less that there is still so much yet to uncover.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone….we are doing a fabulous job of bringing heaven to earth….I say goodbye to the third dimension every day….and feel privileged to serve with you all on this intergalactic mission. I am enjoying being human during this life time and cant wait to see this world join their intergalactic family.

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