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A very wise Pentecostal Pastor once told me “Cyndi, do your research! How can you argue for or against anything, if you aren't even sure about your own stance.” Andrew had no idea that those simple words would one day begin a never ending journey for the truth. I filled in many blanks in those days and later on the rest of the picture was filled in, by meeting a very lovely grey alien whose sole purpose was speeding up my awakening, it was very much like turning on a light switch in a darkened room. I write and share my thoughts with anyone who is willing to listen but in no way want or need for anyone to agree with me. I am simply sharing my thoughts on this topic.

As the radio did an auto search for random music, I heard a woman discuss her life on some sort of Christian radio station. I want to make the distinction and I will explain why in a minute, by pointing this out I am in no way trying to come down or be negative on these beliefs. I myself am a true Christian a CHRIST FOLLOWER not a bible thump-er or follower of what society traditionally considers Christianity to be. I am not against the bible for some and I do mean some of the original teachings are still somewhat intact. Generally speaking there is some good things to be learned when not taken literally and when it is understood how much time and space of each society, have changed its original context.

Anyway I digressed and now back to my story. She had left her husband and was so happy to be finally able to come out and stop lying to others about her true sexuality. I thought good for her that was until she continued her story. This woman ended up at her parent’s house after having left her husband. At her parent’s house however they were able to shove the bibles teachings down her throat and convince her that being gay was ungodly. They convinced her she needed to return home. So this story was about her thanking God and her parents for having seen the light and even said that “an inner voice” told her that she was doing the right thing (if you ask me, it is called brainwashing)

Anyway it got me to thinking, I respect her choice to be miserable by denying who she really is, just to fit into society’s so called more “acceptable expectations” if that is what she so desires however what I don’t agree with is using God or the bible on what should be expected of her.

Now I understand many of you are either pro-gay rights or against them and again these are your choices and feelings and should be respected. I have no issue with any of these things. But what you all should know is that the original Jewish translations did not include anything on the gay life style, you see these things and MANY OTHERS were added later by people who decided for you, how you should live your life and then told you it was UNGODLY for you not to live by what they expected.

For those of you that don’t believe me and consider me an ungodly heretic I invite you to look into and do your research yourself. I invite you to search the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew Scriptures in Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud’s and other Jewish historical writing. Enlist the help of Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox and Latin Linguist and or Scholars, look into the Mormon teachings anyone who has ever done studies on Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts. Look into the Biblical Manuscripts and translations, Talmudic materials, research the history, anthropology, etc. It doesn't really matter where you search as long as you look and keep looking…and what you will find is simple. The original Hebrew texts of the Torah- the five books of Moses) had nothing to say on the topic of homosexuality as we know it today.

“The truth is that the texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy were used by teachers and rabbis of Jewish tradition to condemn homosexuality, by direct order and constant threat from a dominant and controlling Christian government who needed to have the teachings to be PERCEIVED as Jewish interpretations of the text in accordance to their own Christian commentaries and teachings on homosexuality and what they believed (key words being “what they believed” to be sexual perversion.

This period of the condemnation of homosexuals, coincides with similar condemnation edicts against witches, healers, and heretics which began mostly in the 4th to 6th centuries of the common era (CE), which was at least 1500 years after the original texts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy was codified into the Hebrew Torah. This condemnation was largely misplaced and did not represent the actual views of the writers and compilers of either Leviticus or Deuteronomy. ”

Again I am going to say this, our own personal preference should be honored and respected, our views accepted regardless of whether or not they coincide with our own. But I will say this, if one of God’s universal Laws or themes is centered around FREE WILL and non-judgment, then what gives MAN the authority to impose the opposite and claim it as God’s teachings?

The contradictions are just too vast. How can we claim to honor free will and non-judgment while judging and condemning others for being different? In my humble opinion it is almost as asinine as KILLING in the name of GOD. “ Become part of my belief system or burn in hell for eternity! Smiling to myself, can’t help but smile when people claim that one. God is a loving God that will not impose on our free will yet will condemn us to hell for being different or not obeying?! Sometimes I wonder how many of us take the time to really think about those things…

Anyway I honestly do not know if the woman on the radio was even real or a rehearsed actress designed to continue with the brainwashing but if she is I hope she one day makes a choice to live for herself and not others. Staying or not staying is not that point but rather making a choice based on what makes her happy and not what makes others happy.

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