Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Look how many of us there are…., look around you, we are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American.  Some of us like me are even BLUE underneath it all.  (hahaha only some will get that don’t worry)  We speak every language around the world…..Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French you name it, we speak it and represent every faith.  We are gay, straight and everything in between.  We represent every prejudice known to mankind yet there are no divisions among us, no judgment, no biases there is nothing but love and patience. 

We are here to teach and we all give you the same message.  Let go of the fear, divisions are but an illusion we are all ONE. Your path should be respected, seek and you shall find.  God does not judge you and the longer you all feel that, the more you suffer.  God LOVES ALL PEOPLE, he did not make a mistake in their creation. Don’t you see the irony in your attempts to convert each other? To imply that someone is lost because they are not of your faith, to say that their culture and beliefs are somehow a mistake? God created man, made everything and every path for he is the SOURCE of all things and therefore all paths lead back to him.  Don’t you see it is not your faith that is the problem, we do not seek to convert you into anything, we only ask that you love and respect one another.

We stand together strong, as we share all the hidden things that have been kept from you all.  We tell you things that are hard to swallow. This world as it stands now, has a government that would rather keep you sick than heal you, that would rather sell human beings than help them, that creates diseases and uses us as guinea pigs, that created a financial system that has you paying interests that are impossible to pay back, that lies, cheats and mass murders people by the millions all in the name of their power.  A government that introduced drugs, alcohol and tobacco all so they could control us by our weakness.  A government that messed with your religion, forced you all to believe it, created the divisions amongst you all and never gave you the full truth all in the name of profit.  A system that has put back our evolution by 5000 years ALL so they maintain control and turn a profits, all so that you can be in fact a mere battery to a system that feeds their greed.

I have been called the devil’s spawn, the anti-Christ worker, a God hater for telling you all the truth.  I have been called a crazy door opening wench that should keep quite and not push the issues. Etc etc etc…I stood alone then and I never backed down. Now look around you, look how many of us there are, every day I will show you by sharing their messages of love and peace.  If you believe that we are the anti-Christ, that we are the problem, the breakers of the system as you know it, while you continue to hate each other for being different then so be it but consider this… How much of a profit have we made off of you by telling you all the truth?   Why when we risk being put in jail, being ostracized all so we can set things right.  We have nothing to gain except understanding.  If we are the problem, then I NEVER WANT TO BE RIGHT.  I know where I stand and will stand, until you  are so blinded by the light we emit that you can longer deny…the truth.

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