Friday, April 12, 2013


There are times in which I am guided to pass on a message… a knowing that applies to all of us and I feel compelled to share it.
So here goes. You all may or may not agree with it and that is fine, I am not confused in the role I play in this world however I know many of you that have no clue…as to your real purpose. All of you are special and all of you have a choice as to how your reality is shaped.  So here goes whether you have noticed it or not ..our world has been sort of reset.
By this I mean many of you experienced bad moods, colds all kinds of ailments, severe crazy random emotions…all kinds of things but what most of you all haven’t understood is why all of sudden does it feel like you have run into a "black cloud/ bad luck streak" where business operations feel as if they are falling apart. All kinds of things feel well upside down…major upsets are happening even NCAA brackets were thrown into a blender and completely upset.  Nothing is as it was before and yes there is a purpose for it.
It is important for you all realize that the time for corrupt business practices, unethical and malicious acts towards others be it physical or emotional attacks, the time to step on one another in order to get to where you are going are over. Many of you all do not have to look far to see issues happening in the Vatican, big banks, Presidents and Tyrants getting over thrown.   It is a slow moving process but it is moving and it is happening and we have two choices.
Either we react with Fear and Anger or we come strong to this new kingdom with full on faith and lack of Fear. This is key folks because we are shaping this new world and how much of your world falls apart will depend now solely on how you react to the unfolding changes. Bear in mind that Fear, Anger, Resentment are all lower level vibrations that can also shape your world into something far worse than it needs to be. Emotions are more powerful of a creator than any mind trick you employ to change your world.
So in essence dear friends, light workers, Starseeds, Elementals, Indigos, Blue-Rays, fellow bird-tribe members,A.C.O.D.E., basically all of you that have volunteered to make this world a better place…. THE TIME TO REMEMBER who we are and what we do to change the world is NOW.
Here is how Lee Carroll "Kryon" puts it…
"Every single time your challenge is met with the lack of fear and eventual solution, you're adding to the planet's core energy. Where in the planet's life-core? Although it might not make sense to you, it goes to the grid triad, which is above and below. What it means is that often your challenges are given specifically to you to generate an energy that this planet desperately needs. And who better than those who love Spirit? Who better can generate this energy than those who have signed on for it? But we know that right now this seems confusing. There has never been a more confusing time for Light workers. Can you imagine being in a stable home for 20 or 30 years, perhaps? You're comfortable and have everything figured out. Now we tell you that the house must change. It has to come down. The foundation must be scraped clean. New mortar will not stick to it unless it has integrity. A new house must be rebuilt. It has a metaphoric name, and we've continued to call this new house "The New Jerusalem" - the beginning of a new era, of solution and peace on Earth. "



  1. If it had not been for my guidance, I might have given up a long time ago. I have just found my work, which was a little different than I thought, but makes more sense of my experiences, so I can understand them on a deeper level of my being. I guess you could say I was a late bloomer, but I just keep following the scent my Spirit waft to me to follow! Thanks for your post!

  2. I have yet to find my work but I am faithful. I cannot proliferate my words but internally they are there for me to follow. I will continue my journey.


  3. I will continue my journey and accept my work as it is revealed. I have yet been able to proliferate my words or findings but I follow what I internally feel and go
    from there.