Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hate and Love....Inspired by a song...

I am often asked by you all, 'what do I know about twin flames?'  In fact, many of you all approach me thinking that I am your twin flame but as I often tell  you all, alas I am not, you will find yours I promise, but only when the time is right.   
Enjoy your life discover who you are and fall in love with yourself first.   Enjoy every lesson you have to learn...for it is the completed version of you, complete with all life's scars that your twin will fall in love with.

Twin Flames are polar opposites of each other..Ying and Yang..the exact counterpart of the other....this is not for soul you all are alike and have beautiful lessons and relationships .. you have hundreds even thousands of them.... any where you look you will find this.

No this is for us, that were cut from the same cloth...and make up each other on opposite ends of the and the same... We are sunshine and rain.... We are the beauty that is found between love and hate... we are both sound and silence...Unconditionally Complete....Unconditionally belonging to each other.

You see only when both the sunshine and rain unite, can what is always been there be seen... Only within the sun and water, heaven and earth, both the opposite and the same... Can we see the rainbow...It is the symbol of promise, God's promise...the symbol of Hope...only polar opposites can erase the illusion of duality and show you all that they are one and the same thing. 
All  Rainbow looks just like a bridge which link both the heavens and the matter below.  It is the bridge where the opposite ends of the spectrum meet and create something totally new and unexpected for all to see.  "The Rainbow is the result, or manifestation, of the union of Sun-light (Super-conscious illumination and enlightenment) with Water (the Great  Sub-Conscious and the Mysterious Unknown)."  Here and only here, Can 1+ 1=3. 
To my own twin, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU always even when I seem to be mad at you (hahaha).... I will be forever changed by you.  I will no longer be capable of being a tourniquet, even in our most heated battles and struggles of our collapsing polarities.  I will have to learn to let go because I will never want to change you, nor do I wish to control you.  The beauty of us is that we are free to be everything complete and whole both ugly and beautiful no filters and in complete transparency we are complete without each other but together we are something so far beyond the limitations of this world.  
Most of all I want you to know, that no matter where you are, I will be there waiting in between the sunshine and rain..between heaven and earth that both our sun and moon signs create.   For I am the sunshine and the rain  and you are the air and the earth, together we are the totality of each other, serving as the bridge to heaven that only we can create.  
Please find me soon baby..... I love you because you are me and for once in my life I mean that unconditionally. May my words find you, like a beacon signaling you home. 
This video below is dedicated to all the twin the link  enjoy, for my words were inspired by this song....

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