Sunday, October 27, 2013

In the Peru desert Ocucaje, Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers 40,000-50,000 rock engravings which show step-by-step a heart transplant and Cesarean section surgery. They also showed dinosaurs and men riding them. These men were shorter and had larger heads than modern man. The tablets detail such complex ideas as astronomy, surgery (heart and kidney transplants), C section, acupuncture, genetic disorders, and more. 

There were descriptions of vehicles which flew through spaces without consuming fuel, descriptions of the lines drawn at Nazca. They described the evacuation of large-headed small-statured race to a planet which would now be in the Pleiades star cluster. These are called the Ica Stones of Peru....

People have tried to say they were fakes and artificially aged.. in the past. However thanks to modern technology called petrography and microscopic examinations we now know that they were carved by very sophisticated instruments and that the oxidation present on these petroglyphs indicate that they were not artificially aged at all. Interestingly these carvings were discovered in 1960 due to a landslide, the river ICA overflowed and the water brought them forward. 

So we are at crossroads now...aren't we? Do we choose to believe the physical evidence...or do we continue to buy hook line and sinker all that we have been taught? Personally I go with what my eyes can see...because clearly there are ancient civilizations that existed WAY BEFORE we have been taught they existed and they were trying to tell us something. I'm listening...are you???

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