Sunday, May 12, 2013

For my twin...

I am doing my best to find balance within our opposing polarities because beyond my love for you and I, exists a love for humanity most can not grasp. Our polarities become volatile at times because we are adjusting towards a neutral stance. Hidden beyond our reverse polarities exists a force of love and hate so powerful we can either destroy or create new worlds. Should we achieve this balance, the world loses it's stance as individuals and gains love for each other as one Christ Consciousness.
It is not only difficult to watch our egos die, beyond our pride in who we are as whole beings we must transcend the illusion of our dual nature and give birth to a new understanding as one. You refuse to let go even when I run because you also understand our mission and promise to each other. For only you can have the matching strength to contend with my every weakness. I match your every move toe to toe because I am in fact your reflection. You should know that the reason I love you so much, is because I love myself. You however can only fully understand your love for me when you yourself see the perfection and unconditional love within yourself.
Within you, you hold something I have yet to experience in this life time, but have known beyond time and space, the love of the cosmic mother. I agreed to come to this world not only to help humanity but to remind you of your divinity. I spent my life searching for you, just to remind you that you are worthy and whole and perfect within yourself.  You are a KING among men.  Within me beats the heart of the cosmic father.  However in this world I am a Queen among women. But in reality, we are part of the original blue print of the divine, we are ONE.

LOVE your other half ...THE HIDDEN ONE...

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