Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Dance....

Compelled by the inevitable dance of a spiritual unity we find ourselves locked within a tug of war of balancing polarities. 

I came to restore you but it is you who is saving me from my own egoistical desire to control all things around me.
I willingly relinquish all control, turn my hands up and let all my fears go. 

Releasing all struggles to God, I lose myself within the comforts of your loving embrace. 

Locked within the peaceful stillness of your gaze lies the reflection of my very own soul.

I see through you, to the very essence of your being and I realize that I have finally found my home..

1 comment:

  1. Today I gave thanks for my twin soul, I gave my universal father thanks for trusting me with such a treasure, another divine expression of myself.... Beautiful and perfect in every way. I want him to know that, I am not scared of this either...I love you beyond measure, in and out of what I perceive as time... I love you the way I love myself... For this ultimate gift that I have been blessed with, I have only one thing to was well worth the wait...